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The MA'STAR or "Mother Star"
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Ma'Star #2




 On the night of October 7th, 2009 I experienced the following vision...

I saw 13 women sitting cross-legged around a square pool.  They wore white sheer robes tied high at the waist with golden ribbon and upon their heads was a simple but beautiful golden diadem set with small pearls and emeralds. The women were positioned on the top step of  three step leading down to the pool. The pool was not large but it radiated a beautiful aura about it, with the translucent water seeming to be alive and calling to me.

There were eight pillars around the pool at the level of the top step where the women were seated. The pillars were of white marble with golden veins and the steps and pool were of gold. In the center of the pool was a marvelous white lotus with light blue, golden-yellow and pale pink twisting flames (three flames in a triple-helix together) emitting upward from it.

I received that these were the Thirteen "Goddesses" of the Veil...or rather priestesses who had once lived in this world and who were now abiding in the New Earth Star vibration of our future world. These priestesses now maintained the link of the Divine Feminine between this world and the New Earth specifically through their service to the "New Earth" Three-Fold Flame. The "Veil" is that sheath of Light between this world and the greater continuum of worlds.

Yet these priestesses were only one layer of a full-blown lotus of Goddesses, which I received as the "Goddess Fold."

This "Fold" contained many inter-lacing layers or petals of service such as the Swan Singers. the White Buffalo Dancers, the Goddesses of the Moon, etc. All these "Goddesses" have energy aspects radiating into our current world and connecting into and through individual humans incarnated at this time. These persons who carry the Goddess signal within them are not all female. Men who maintain a good connection with the Divine Feminine also have this contact. Understand that all this I speak of here is within us, being strengthened by inner communion with the "Goddess Fold."

I was also shown how each of us may become more opened to this aspect of our nature and to the connection we have to the Goddess Fold. I saw a shining, whirling star of mixed colors and very brilliant. It was streaming it's tendrils of beaded light (shifting through the spectrum of many colors) out from it as it dance in the dark and sacred Void of Nothing. This I was told was the MOTHER STAR or MA'STAR. It was a sacred unfolding coming through the New Earth Star Three-Fold Flame. The Goddesses of the Veil were the capstone of the Goddess Fold and therefore as guardians of the Three-Fold Flame so they were the Keepers of the Mother Star as well. It was requested of me that I created an energy-art facsimile of the MA'STAR and place it on my Rite of Avalon sub-web of Spirit Mythos for all to receive it they wished to meditate with it or just "bathe" in it's presence. This image can be saved to your desktop. By attuning to the MOTHER STAR one may truly open the LOTUS and find the Presence of the New Earth Three-Fold Flame within.

In addition I am offering for a limited time, micro-sessions on the most prominent "Goddess Fold" connection currently in your energy field. This information includes why this is so prominent for you now and some personal symbols you may use to enhance it. It's intention is to give you an attunement to the particular "Goddess Fold" energies I feel especially prominent for you at this time. Offering a pure presence "moment" of connection for the individual to then take deeper into their experiential body. It is not intended to be a detailed reading.

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