Attunement to the Zodiacal Initiation of Scorpio
by Thoth

The Lemurian symbol for Scorpio was a winged creature, part bird and part serpent, lifting Phoenix-like from a nest of flames. This was the Gheza, the mythic being involved both in the illusion of form and in the process of transformation simultaneously. This creature was to represent the intrinsic role of matter when thrust into the realm of form.

The ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis knew the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio to be the gate or door of the spiritual temple. It offered the incarnate soul entrance into the place of greater mystery. Around the temple of this greater mystery was the labyrinth courtyard, the field of lesser mysteries. But once a candidate entered through the gate of Scorpio they entered the Grand Way, the realm of true manifestation within Divine Law. The candidate then became the true initiate, and began to 'know' that which previously they could only sense and contemplate.

The cry of Scorpio to the ancients was 'feed me, for I feed the flame!" It was a sign representing the insatiable hunger of the soul to absolve the bonds of form and embrace the eternal formless self; to merge with the universe in the bliss of divine reunion. It is through the gateway of Scorpio, aided by the Lords of Form, that humanity will come to its final conclusion in the Old Earth and move through the door of the temple into the Grand Way of the New Earth Star. When the earth is under the Zodiacal influence of Scorpio the Zodiacal threshold which emanates through that sign into the earth triggers a series of celestial programs of return, facilitating the earth in "dropping the frame" as the ancients used to say. This allows the earth to move into a new and more etherealized formation. In time, this will result in the earth's ascension into the New Earth Star.

In the very early days of Lemuria when there was little seasonal difference, the stars were not so variable in position within the heavens, for the earth's axis was not tilted to the degree that it is in your current age. There was a temple site located at a point that aligned to Scorpio when it was in its most prominent position in the heavens. This alignment held for much of the time in those days due to the earth's axial alignment of the time. In those ancient days, what you know as "death" was still a new experience for earth souls. Not long before that time these same souls had simply materialized within semi-etheric bodies which were simply converted to new forms (versus going through the death process) that would last for another cycle of "time."

However, when the Temple of Scorpio was built, the souls of the earth were just beginning to leave the old physical form entirely behind at transition out of necessity due to the increasing state of entropy in matter. They were, however, still able to inhabit a single form for several thousand years if they so desired. When they did finally leave these forms, they would go through a process of regeneration on the inner planes before re-incarnating once again in order to gradually adjust to the increasing density of Earth's corporeal reality. This was a staggering blow to Earth's souls - that they would be kept from the fluid process of existence on Earth they once had known so well. Yet they also realized that they themselves had created the limited reality in which they now must live.

The Temple of Scorpio was built primarily for the purpose of souls leaving the body. In those days, an incarnated soul knew of their coming transition well before the moment it would occur. They would then proceed to the Temple of Scorpio, where they would undergo their transition much like the yogis of the East are able to achieve in our current time. Under the direct influence of Scorpio, and within a temple aligned to its celestial power for this specific purpose, the soul was granted a swifter and more powerful release through the lower astral density. This granted the soul a graceful passage into the higher heavens, where it would be prepared for eventual incarnational return.

Of course even though there were far fewer souls incarnate on the planet then, not all humans could flock to this one temple at the time of their transition. Thus, those who wished for this ultimate experience were presented in a ceremony at the age of maturity, which was determined by a form of oracular procedure. For those who actually came to the temple to leave the body, they were first bathed in water which had been charged with the stellar energy of Scorpio. Then the 'wayfarer,' as they were called, was dressed in white linen and laid within a sarcophagus resembling the one in the king's chamber of the Pyramid of Giza. The Temple of Scorpio was a pyramid also, and the chamber containing the Sarcophagus of Ascent was positioned at exactly the same point as it is in the Great Pyramid. The latter was known in the days of my time in Egypt as the "Temple of the Risen One." It was from the sarcophagus in the Temple of Scorpio in Lemuria, that the soul would arise from the body into the cosmos like the Scorpio being called Gheza, leaving a fine white powder behind rather than a dead body. This powder was a form of Prima Matra or "First Sacred Matter," similar in nature to what is now being called the White Powder of Gold in the New Age community. Only through this specific initiation within a temple thus aligned, could such a complete transmutation be possible in that age. Those who were not able to get to the Temple of Scorpio for their transition left the corporeal form behind, although a greater portion of its essence was lifted into an etherealized form than in your current age.

During the time when I oversaw construction of the Temple of the Risen One in Egypt, so this temple was also employed for such purposes amongst others. Yet it was not geo-astronomically aligned to Scorpio, for there were other influences and purposes involving this temple which called for different cosmic alignments. Nevertheless, Scorpio still played a celestial and energetic role in the transmutation of the body within the Chamber of Ascension as it had in the Temple of Scorpio in Lemuria.

In these ancient Egyptian times, the powder which was left behind after the soul's transition, was known as 'cum,' meaning 'sweet fire.' In pure alchemical procedure, 'sweet fire' is that which is taken out of the 'sour' or dis-harmonic dimension and brought into 'sweetness' or union with the divine through the fiery experience of rapture, or union.


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