Attunement to the Zodiacal Initiation of Cancer
by Thoth

In the time when the Eyes of Mirab shown brightly, the cycle of Cancer was known as Mirab, the Mother of the Sea. She stood upon the back of a giant crab and wore a crown of seven stars which represented the Seven Priestess Stars of the Pleiades. The Eyes of Mirab were the two moons of earth (this was when the earth still had two moons), and Mirab was encircled with the korcoba, the Sun Robe, which was a symbolic representation of the solar infusion patterns within the heart, and is also to be found in microcosm within the atom. The Sun Robe is woven from the receptors of Divine Presence which are braided into the atoms of the subtle-physical body.

In the stellar window of Mirab (Cancer), the focus in the higher spiritual worlds is on the cleansing of the astral and lesser akashic fields. It is a time for clearing away inhibiting and distorted forms, and for re-establishing sacred original principle.

From the (Atlantean) "Book of Twelve Faces": "The sisters of Mirab come upon the Earth during the time of the Queen of the Sea (Cancer), and sweep the tides with brooms of light, just as they sweep the places where souls dream and are reborn in the thought of life."

With the sun's entry into Cancer we begin what is perhaps the most profound journey of initiation offered in the annual sojourn through the zodiacal cycle. Cancer is the sign of the Universal Mother principle. Leo is the sign of the Lords of Flame, or Universal Father principle. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin of the World, who takes the fertilized planetary Christic embryo which has been a product of the cosmic dance between the Universal Mother/Father (Cancer/Leo), and gestates this embryo passing it on to the developmental influences of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius until it is finally given birth in Capricorn at Winter Solstice.

If we align ourselves consciously to this movement within the Earth's annual cycle, we can then place our soul directly in line to receive a greater measure of Grace for the birthing of the Christ child within ourselves. Each soul who is able to accomplish this, does so not only for themselves, but for the planetary consciousness as well.

As Corrine Heline stated in her book the "Mystery of the Christos": "Cancer is the portal where human egos come to rebirth. . . The transmuting of generation into regeneration is the new birth--that new birth which Christ spoke to Nicodemus when he came to the Master 'by night.'

"The biblical keynote of Cancer is found in those words of Christ: 'Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. . . Except a man be born of water (Moon in Cancer) and of Spirit (Jupiter in Cancer), he cannot enter the Kingdom of God (Neptune in Cancer).' This is one of the most explicit teachings on Initiation given by Christ in His three year ministry. All men know the natural birth under the Moon in Cancer; but few there are who learn to walk the 'straight and narrow way' of renunciation of the flesh and dedication to the Spirit implicit in the exaltation of Jupiter and Neptune in Cancer. Yet this is the true and only key to that elevation of consciousness whereby man is lifted from the natural or 'water' birth into the divine at-one-ment of the 'fire' birth in Spirit."

Thus, Cancer is the sign which ushers us into the Cancer/Leo dynamic of Water/Fire initiation. The raising of the natural soul's vibration to that of the spiritual soul is greatly assisted in this sign. Cancer also ushers us into the Cancer/Leo/Virgo initiation of Water/Fire/Earth. In this dynamic we are first baptized in the Universal Waters of the Greater Creation (Cancer), then infused with the Fire of Spirit--the Flame that Does NOT Burn (Leo-Love), and then wed to the Earth to be gestated and rebirthed (Virgo), as the product of a cosmic Immaculate Conception.

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