Attunement to the Zodiacal Initiation of  Leo
by Thoth

It is through the constellation of Leo that the "Golden Star of Mazuriel" is able to send its vibration into this universe. The Golden Star of Mazuriel is a pure "Spirit-Star," one which has no fallen aspect and therefore no lower emanations of "fire." Its flame is the Flame of Love which does not burn; the PURE FLAME of Divine Heart. The constellation of Leo provides the Golden Star of Mazuriel with a point of spiritual entry into this universe.

The angelic Hierarchy of Leo is known as "The Lords of Flame." This hierarchy ushered the initial "Divine Flame" for the Earth into being. This Flame then became the Great Inscription of Divine Light for this planet, validating its existence as a "sacred form" in the Greater Dominion. The "Greater Dominion" of which I speak is the realm of sentience which always remains perfectly aligned to the universes of Metatronic/Christic Light and ultimately the Godhead. All planetary worlds and universes within the fallen universes have their full-Light or pure aspects within the Greater Dominion.

The Hierarchy of Leo also serves as the "Scribes and Guardians" of the Living Records of Flame, which lie beyond all planetary akashic modalities, residing within the Heart of the Universal Creator. These Living Records of Flame are inverted within the heart of the Adam Kadmon template as a reversed image of the original, and therefore must go through a phase shift of 180 degrees through the spiritual re-awakening of the Sons and Daughters of the Adam Kadmon within Earth’s humanity.

In the time of the year when the emanations of Leo directly influence the Earth, spiritual initiates are offered an opportunity to effect this phase shift within their own being. This can be accomplished by opening your heart center to receive the Living Records of Flame into the core of your spiritual being and essence.

I herein give you an ancient archetypal image which will help you attune to the dynamics of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Leo, and thus the Golden Star of Mazuriel. This temple image which I am about to reveal exists on the inner-planes in the spiritual worlds. It is known as the Temple of Salomae, from whose generation the Houses of David and Solomon were spawned. Salomae was once incarnate as a human being who served as queen of a kingdom long forgotten. This kingdom originated in the genetic peoples of the Shepherd Kings. Solomae, and the very existence of her kingdom, was eradicated from all historical records by the fallen Amun priesthood upon their overthrow of the Shepherd Kings from the thrones of Egypt. Salomae was a high initiate of the Christic Mysteries of Leo, an Enochian Master incarnate who was given the Flaming Garment of the Lion upon her Light body by the Lords of Flame.

The Temple of Solomae in the spirit world is a bright and shining temple, with white columns rising beside stately steps leading to golden doors of the entranceway. There are five steps and then a platform with two living lions lying sphinx-like on either side of the temple. Beyond the lions, eight more steps lead to four pillars and the golden doors. As you move through the Golden Doors, within the temple is an altar upon which can be seen arising the Flame That Does Not Burn. The walls of the temple are encoded with yod-like fire letters, flickering gold and ruby, appearing and then receding intermittently from sight as the viewer taps into the vibration of his/her own specific Light Inscription. In this room is also a large cauldron of bronze, containing the "Molten Sea," a molten gold liquid, which is the alchemy of Fire and Water in perfect balance, to which all matter arises in its highest state of being.

On a pedestal just above the Molten Sea cauldron is another living lion. This one is in a sitting position, and is holding his left paw up, extending it. In the mouth of this lion is a large golden key. This lion is the symbolic representation of the archangelic being Tadzekiel, the Master of the Opening of the Way, and is he who holds the key to the resurrection of the Adam Kadmon Light Body within the physical template of humanity.


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