Introduction to MY STORY ~ A Faerie Tale

On March 10th, 2014 – my 65th birthday – I suddenly received an inner signal to create a video which exemplified my life story in pictures. I already had a short bio video on my website, but this would be more personal. The sudden urge to do this was so strong, I felt compelled to follow through with it. So I began. It was no easy task, as I had to dig through the box of my remaining photos. I had thrown tons away in the last few years, moving from one place to another, and I had regrettably lost many I wished to keep. I am not now very mobile, especially since I broke my hip in July of 2012. Yet somehow I managed to get to the box and go through it all.

Then I had to scan the selected pictures and do extensive repair on many of them in Photoshop as the colors were quite faded. Finally I was ready to create the video, which took quite a few hours (days) in itself. It is not like I had time on my hands to do this, but I simply put much on hold and made this a priority...and I had no conscious reason why I was making this so important.

As I worked to put this project together and breathe life into it, I found out why I was so driven to engage it. The deep and profound emotions running through me and up to the surface as I worked on it were amazing. Very little was sad or unpleasant. Mostly it was a rebirth of sorts. Part of me came back to life and I hadn't even known that this part had died.

I remember about 25 years ago a friend very seriously told me he thought I should write a book about my life. I couldn't imagine why, especially then. Now, this long time later I still don't feel a book on my life is something I would wish to do. But a video...the time was right for it now.

This video is only 15.14 minutes long, and I do believe it will hold your attention. I initially made it for myself and to share with some friends, since I have no immediate genetic family left, but was encouraged by Simeon Nartoomid, my former husband and still Soul Kindred, to make it public.

I would encourage others who have lived awhile (lol) to do the same, if they have the acquired skills and software to do so. It has been a wonderful journey for me. I hope that in viewing My Story you will live a little of it with me.

Upon viewing it, one friend commented: "There is knowing and feeling of this life of human born. You brought a wholeness to honor. By doing this the way you did, the door opened so all of us could review and flow with newness of the earth and universe."

What's in this video

Myself at various ages in my life. Some of my dear friends who have been a part of my spiritual journey. Some whom I consider to be my "family," and my many animal companions through the years. Also, various altars I have raised.

There are others I wanted to include in My Story, but I could not find the photographs.

Some friends in the pictures are no longer in this dimension - their bright lights are shining now in other vistas.

I carefully selected the background music. The opening is a Spanish song, suited to my birth in Venezuela. It is Paloma Blanca, which my mother used to sing to me as a baby, and when I was about five, I began to sing it myself while she sang the harmony.

I also included a song by Elvis Presley (see my book on his spiritual life) and Jackie Evancho, whom I love and also greatly admire as a person and an entertainer. She was 11 years old when she recorded “Walking In The Air.”

And Now  My Story ~ A Faerie Tale

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