Maia's Depiction of the Shield of Arhaiel
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ThothHorRa Speaks on the Christic Archangel

The Christic Archangel ARHAIEL is the Foundation Being for the Cosmic Christos – that emanation of GOD which infuses World Systems of the Universe with God-Incarnation. God-Incarnation is the Divine I AM – I AM THE CREATOR-GOD-SOURCE WHO CREATED ME. The incarnated awareness of this truth (I AM) allows humanity to carry forth the creative power essential for World Systems to evolve. Even animals contain an aspect of the GOD I AM through the Christic Ray, yet they receive it through the Opening or Gateway made by humanity of the planet.

There is a universal humanity or “Unimanity.” There are of course many conscious beings in the universe that are not of the human species. They, too receive the GOD I AM but it is of a distinctively different focus. When the Christic Archangel ARHAIEL, along with a Sun Spirit of this Solar System rayed into the being I'shoa (Jesus) at the time of his Baptism, what was created was a unique aspect of HUMAN CHRIST PRESENCE in the Earth. Yet on other worlds of Unimanity, so the Christ has entered their world spheres at different stages of evolution (or will enter – here we grasp as straws to define this concept as time is a limited linear path to our senses).

What does Arhaiel offer humanity of Earth at this place and time in the Cosmic Unfoldment? The direction of the heart to expand the GOD I AM to greater and greater levels of awareness. Understand that the Christic Archangel still holds an aspect of His Rayship in the human being I'shoa, who took up the body and is now present in the flesh in the New Earth Star of Earth's “future.” His “home” is a planet of the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. Also be aware that the “New Earth Star” is/will be taken back within its Dwelling vibration of Rigel, from whence it's Creational Imprint came.

Through I'shoa acting as a Foundational Path for the Christic Archangel into humanity, this bridge allows the world to “gather it's skirts” and align to it's true Origin and Birth.

This is not a matter of religion. Religions are human constructs which attempt to define Spiritual powers, principles and profound events. Such human beings as Jesus and Buddah hold strong defining points of Spirit that are so powerful they defy the common standard of comprehension and synthesis by the masses. Therefore religions develop around their impact on humanity in order to raise these events up as guiding beacons for all to see and re-live through the generations.

Yet the actual Message of these Supremely Mastered souls is an energy beyond human understanding. It simply IS...and bestows a power of awareness to those who embrace it fully in that IS-ness, rather than as an ideology or doctrine.

ARHAIEL is a POWER of the Angelic State of the Universal Continuum. When a single human being is in deep heart coherency he/she opens to that POWER and abides AT ONE with it. It is then that hey live with full awareness - the GOD I AM.

The Symbol-Shield of Arhaiel – by Maia

The LAYOOSH Pillar of Light strikes the golden vertical rod, which symbolizes the grounding of Spirit into Matter. The Pillar of Light is the “Lightning Strike” as demonstrated in the Tree of Life, yet here it is straight as an arrow and not zig-zag, for it Arhaiel creates a direct path into the Center of the Earth's Atoma (sacred inter-dimensional sun). The two horizontal bars of the cross represent the Solar and Lunar influences which carry His charge into the Earth. Jesus was suspended upon a wooden cross but his SOUL was at that very time infusing Him with the Glory of the CROSS OF LIGHT.

The sphere at the top of the cross is the Kether-Crown of Mastership bestowed upon those who become Avatars of the Christos.

The central egg is the Chamber of the Divine Feminine in the Heart, where the gestation of the Christ allows this POWER to become revealed to all parts of the whole being.

The symbol in the circle below is Aboriginal, and chosen to represent the Primal Seed that is inseminated by the Lightning Strike of Arhaiel. Once could see this in a very earthly demonstration as the quickening of Mother Mari's womb into creation of the Child I'shoa. Without the act of Creation coming from the Primal Seed, LIFE cannot embrace the Perfected....indeed it cannot BE.


Sun Born

The Sun Born are souls who hold the Divine Solar or Universal Solar Codes of Completion – that is Return to Source. They contain these codes from the original “Big Bang.” There are original Sun Born, who were created with these codes – these are the Solar Lords - and there are souls who have come into that vibration to receive the codes and therefore become Sun Born at some point in their evolution.
The Pure Born are those strains of the Sun Born who incarnated specifically through time in the Earth within the Christic Linage – the Grail Families. TRUE Grail families and not mythic.
The Sun Born – especially the Solar Lords - aid us in the passage of Solar initiation.
Thoth: Archetypically, the Gate of the Sun refers to the passage of the human soul into Solar initiation. In other words, the soul receives an initiation of Divine Fire through their solar plexus chakra directly from the Great Central Sun: the Kolob. Historically however, the Gate of the Sun refers to specific formats and / or planetary acu-points upon which solar initiations take place. Sometimes such sacred Solar passages are held for entire cultures as they seek renewal of their Race Spirit within the greater tide of the universal solar sea. (The Race Spirit of a culture is an Archangelic presence which holds the greater design and evolutionary destiny path for that race or culture. There are times when an entire race or culture can go through a quantum evolutionary leap, which many times will require a mass initiation to take place.)

The Archangel Arhaiel, while far beyond being a Race Spirit does hold some of those same chords for the entire Earth. The planet as a whole has in the past and will in the future reach "critical mass" in an evolutionary "moment" when it will breach the void and experience (once again as in the past) anothe quantum evolutionary leap...this time into the arms of the New Earth Star!

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