CURRENT Attunements to the New Earth Star Grids, Initiations and Energy


I am providing a means here for everyone to participate in the work we are doing with the New Earth Star (NES) consciousness through our focus within Second Life. Thus even those of you without the ability or guidance to engage Second Life (SL) can now join us in this work all the same.

What we are doing in Second Life with the New Earth Star Island Estate (NESIE) is in fact working with the NES consciousness in various ways to help anchor and integrate it with our current reality system thereby providing a further "boost" to the collective ascension process.

ThothHorRa is facilitating some high level Metatronic dynamics through what we are creating in SL on NESIE. Therefore, in order that our non-SL folks can join us in this work, we will now be making ThothHorRa's speaking and initiation available to everyone online. The link to previous full the transcripts of the gatherings are found below.

You may then go into meditation with ThothHorRa on your own, or with your own group, and attune yourself to that specific initiation, repeating it aloud if possible. It is suggested that you print off a color copy of the ThothHorRa image (above) to use as a transmission portal for the process.

ThothHorRa to our NESIE Gathering in the Tree of Life Meditation Room in the Dragon Moon Valley - 3/12/09:

ThothHorRa Khandr: The Seal of Solomon in its most ancient and esoteric power. It aligned to the LION OF GOD which
is the power in the solar plexus to connect to the HEART and the CROWN. The Three-fold Flaming Shield of SOL-O-MAN - The man or being of the Sun. Here on NESIE we now open this "seal" and allow the radiance of the LION OF GOD to walk forth among us. Cosmically this energy radiates from the Golden Star of Mazuriel through the constellation of  LEO. Mazuriel is the ultimate STAR FLAME from which the Earth originates and shall return....even beyond Orion. For Mazuriel in in the Attasic or non-dualistic universe. EACH human being has an Eternal Spark that comes from Mazuriel within them. When you wish to work with regenerating this spark..."brightening" it so to speak, one way to aid in this process is to come and sit in this center of the Seal and focus on BRIGHTENING the Eternal Spark within...that is of your non-dualistic nature. The KEYNOTE Sacred word or mantra while sitting here to entone is: MAHA'RHUUM - rolling the "r" as in Spanish - "RRRR."

Let us now go into an infusion process...

Let us take a few moments to feel the unity we share here in this circle of the TREE OF LIFE. ALUA ATAMA RU HUGHA we are the TREE and our ROOTS celestial in the BRIGHT Eternal SUN. PINK and WHITE flower petals fall
gently to the ground, upon us, surrounding us, these are the manna of LIFE. We take it into our Being and ALL IS

Now we STEP THROUGH THE DOOR of Sol-o-mon's Temple of the SEAL of LIGHT of the LION OF GOD. It's brightness is Glorious to behold, yet is is PEACEFUL as the New Dawning of Day - A BRIGHT yet SOOTHING Light, golden, with tendrils of white and pink light Like a LOTUS sending its loving arms out to you. You see approaching you a WHITE LIONS with GOLDEN EYES. It is LOVING but STERN, for it does not compromise. It is there to consume all compromises  you make to stay separate from your SOUL. It consumes them in LOVE...a burning love - burning away all that you place before the value of your SOUL and SPIRIT, your GOD-Self. THIS SHALL BE BURNED AWAY IN MY LOVE FOR speaks the LION OF GOD into your HEART. Allow this All-Consuming FLAME to TAKE YOU! Surrender to it.


MAY YOU - EACH ONE HERE - FEEL THE BLESSING OF THE LION OF GOD UPON YOU NOW. I reach out and TOUCH you upon the head. FEEL this Blessing to you through me, as Emmisary of the LION OF GOD.


ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship

ThothHorRa to our NESIE Gathering in the 11th Heaven Tachyon Pyramid - 3/15/09:

ThothHorRa Khandr: Today I speak of the Solar Logos and it's Initiation of Spirit. It was the initiation of the Solar Logos which I'shoa (Jesus) took in Egypt before His outer ministry began. First, let us define "Solar Logos" as it is applied in this context. It is the activity of the Divine Command of Spirit in the Being...coming from and through the CENTER OF THE GALAXY...from and through the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE from and through SOURCE of ALL. Thus the "Solar" means to FIRE the HEART with a chain of 'Command' beginning with SOURCE and down the awakening field of PRESENCE to the human being, through the solar plexus and UP into the heart - firing ALL the Chakras. It is a true "firing of the Grid" of all BEING in the CENTER OF THE HEART OF GOD!

All humanity exists within this FIRE and yet there are stages of its receipt to the HUMAN incarnation. I'shoa, in receiving his initiation of the Solar Logos. BROUGHT THE ENTIRE GRID INTO THE HUMAN ELEMENT OF THE EARTH. No other incarnated Being could have accomplished this, nor could their physical body have survived it. Yet there are degrees of Solar Initiation, many taken on this planet in various ways. The Alphabet of the Ark is a form of SOLAR FLAMES of the Archangelic Realms. Thus one's "Ark Name" contains these Solar Flames in a diluted and more digestable form. The configuration of the Solar numbers (numbers substituting the "flame script") are to be seen in sacred geometry as an inverted triangle (n0t to be confused with the "magic square of the sun"). Also, were the actual flame script be applied it would as well appear in the inverted triangle. For the spinning of the Solar Flames of the Archangelic Ones creates this formation and then in 3D becoming various shapes created from the inverted triangle. We will now do a "working" with the Solar Logos.

I ask you to begin by connecting to the ANGELIC PRESENCE with you. Now see and feel in your heart...a flame letter forming...a single flame letter. which would appear much like a Hebrew letter, only LIVING in FLAME. Now this one FLAME letter begins to SPIN and as it spins, so it creates more "letters."

Now you see the inverted triangle with a set of flame letters within it. Feel the brilliance of the light mathematics of this Solar Logos which is uniquely yours fill your being, lighting up and linking all your chakras...firing them off altogether and as this happens, so the flame shoots and a streaming of colors up through the CROWN and RETURNING TO SOURCE.

You may wish to keep this Logos active on this level now, through at times repeating this visualization. I go now extending PEACE to your hearts.

ThothHorRa to our NESIE Gathering at the Mar'Lhanka Round Table - 4/12/09 (Easter Day):

ThothHorRa Khandr: Let us now take a moment to CENTER in the HEART and place ourselves into a state of GRATITUDE. FEEL the LOVE of GRATITUDE wash over and through you...cleansing and restoring and re-charging every cell in your body. The Vibrant Keynote of Easter is Gratitude. Ressurection is the outer garment, but within lies the BODY of Appreciation. For the Christos could not have awakened and restored I'shoa's form without the SOUL of I'shoa being CONTINUALLY in a state of LIVING GRACE...and GRACE IS GRATITUDE. You cannot be in GRACE if you are not in Gratitude!

Human beings are constantly in a state of resurrection - with many starts and stops. Like trying to drive a vehicle down a winding path, but instead of giving it a steady stream of fuel the driver keeps putting on the brakes before he/she makes a turn or twist in the road he/she STOPS and THINKS: DO I or DON'T I? Instead of simply FLOWING with a steady stream of energy around each bend. The MIND enters and STOPS the vehicle! It says...well MAYBE this next turn isn't safe; or MAYBE it is not for me; or MAYBE I am on the wrong road altogether! Or MAYBE ....MAYBE.

So humans resurrect their THOUGHTS rather than their BEINGS. They play these thoughts over and over, while the vehicle just SITS there in the middle of the road blocking the way. Then they start up again and wonder why it is so HARD to push down on that gas pedal! It is difficult because there IS no Start or Stop. It is all in the THINKING. The WAY is always CLEAR, the PATH is ALWAYS certain. The MIND is the thing that holds back.

I'shoa did not THINK to resurrect, yet his SOUL made the choice to FLAME the vehicle - to EMPOWER the "devise" of the body with the SPIRIT of the Christos. Yet we can even say that the SOUL did not choose, for a soul is really not capable of choosing as it is always neutral. The radiant BEING of I'shoa...all its parts....came together to follow the natural inclination in the road and it took that turn with GRACE.

So on this DAY how may YOU release yourself from the idea of the "gas pedal" and "start" and "stop" and move into the mode of pure FLOW - connection to the ROAD - the SHINING WAY? No beginning and no end, simply the complete BEING ETERNAL! This is the path into the NEW EARTH STAR of our own BEING.

Next Sunday is the 2nd A'uviia Network Healing Gathering. Starheart will be preparing a special notecard to be sent out in advance on the CORE essence now being introduced into this Networking. IT is the CORE of all I have have been speaking and will continue to be, for that CORE is LOVE ARE ALL...LOVE YOURSELF...WHOLENESS IS LOVE. BE PEACEFUL AND LOVE EXPANDS. BE STILL WITHIN AND LOVE INFORMS.


I shall leave you now, but Star has something she wishes to share with you....I GO IN PEACE, PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU.

EHMAZM Gothly: Thank you Master
Polaris Triellis: Anu Ka ThothHo Ra
Yara Ragu: Go in PEACE, ThothHorRa! Thank YOU!
Lancelot Seetan: Thank YOU Master ThotHorRa
Lybra Wemyss: Thank you! :)

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