The Incarnation of Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada (Thoth Amii)
August 16th, 2001

U'shael has revealed to me that he is experiencing his first incarnation in this dimension of earth since Christian Rosencreutz.

This incarnation will be of a single layer...that of the soul of U'shael; and not a combination of several souls. However, he will be surrounded with a shield of streaming Light from his merkabah of souls, the Chariot of the Sun.

He revealed to me what this body would look like, and I saw a man with light tan skin and deep indigo eyes. His hair was long and black. While there were some features about him that looked Eastern, it was not entirely so. He could easily pass for French or even from a dark Celtic linage. I asked him what race he would be, and he informed me that his was a mixture of ALL original pure races on the planet. When I say "pure", it is meant that the races we have now all come from "pure strains" which have gone through many changes. U'shael's new incarnated body is genetically composed of all the original pure strains of these races.

This current incarnation will be a new "Thoth" or "Tehuti." This is a specific Teaching Linage through which he has incarnated twice before in the past. His name as the new Tehuti would then be "Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada," or "Thoth Amii" as a form of the name showing respect and emphasizing his role as a Thoth.

What is the purpose of this incarnation? U'shael reveals it to me in this way:

The primary purpose of the incarnation of Thoth Amii is to insert and anchor the Light codes U'shael carries into the earth in a new way...a new delivery of the Thoth Linage. The Thoth Teaching Linage is one of making way for the Christic power in the earth. In all its activity, so this is its primary agenda. The mission of Thoth Amii specifically is to set a new reference point in the minds and hearts of specific spiritual teachers on the planet, so as to accommodate the plan and purpose of the Christ in the 21st century, and in preparation for the coming cycles leading to the vibrational ascension of souls into the New Earth Star reality.

Thoth Amii will not dwell solely in Tibet. He will travel to various locations on the planet, mostly through teleportation--a means used by other living Masters, such as Babaji. He will collect about him a small group of men and women, most of whom come from the inhabitants of the Valley of the Blue Star, but also from some other locations as well. He will not reveal himself publicly in any way, but only specifically to spiritual teachers as certain times and places. His greater work will simply be "to be" anchor his Living Flame in the earth.

His inner earth embodiment as Thoth Raismes will continue, as this is in another dimension of the earth's reality.


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