Antahkarna - Rainbow Bridge of Light / Lemurian Au'Atmun

In ancient Lemuria, the Antahkarana was known as the Au'Atmun - that Rainbow Bridge of Light connecting the conscious mind and personality to the God-Self. The mandala above is my energetic expression of the Au'Atmun as a brilliant Cell of Soul Potential when electrified by the radiance of the Illumined Fire of Spirit.

The Holy Ones of Lemuria saw with etheric sight that the Antahkarana / Au'Atmun formed a fabric of connectivity throughout the universal continuum as a field of Light transfer from all points seeking the Still-Point of God-Source to the quantum awareness God-Source as it becomes present in the Absolute of Soul harmonics.

To understand how one may develop their connection to the Antakarana, read Simeon Nartoomid's article on our Spirit Heart Sanctuary website.


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