Antahkarna - Rainbow Bridge of Light / Lemurian Au'Atmun

In ancient Lemuria, the Antahkarana was known as the Au'Atmun - that Rainbow Bridge of Light connecting the conscious mind and personality to the God-Self. The mandala above is my energetic expression of the Au'Atmun as a brilliant Cell of Soul Potential when electrified by the radiance of the Illumined Fire of Spirit.

The Holy Ones of Lemuria saw with etheric sight that the Antahkarana / Au'Atmun formed a fabric of connectivity throughout the universal continuum as a field of Light transfer from all points seeking the Still-Point of God-Source to the quantum awareness God-Source as it becomes present in the Absolute of Soul harmonics.

To understand how one may develop their connection to the Antakarana, read Simeon Nartoomid's article.


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