Perspective from the Akashic Record


The "NEW EARTH STAR" is a name given to the future Ascended Reality of the earth. It is a stage only in the whole Ascension program of Light for this planet. In considering "ascension" and "future" we need also realize that both the future and thus our "ascended" selves can be lived NOW. But first there will be the "Heart Ascension," which must come about for each individual, before the planetary ascension can take place. Once ascended in the HEART, one no longer pines for the physical uplifting into another realm, as the completeness of Heart Ascension allows the individual to know ALL realities in the ONE of Divinity that is ever-present for them. What really is "Ascension"? It is word only--one that helps us come to terms with the illusional feeling of being separate from self. If we ascend to join something whole, then we no longer need feel so isolated and alone. But we must come to know that in the greater understanding, there is no separation, no need to ascend to "something whole." We are already there. Yet, the healing of the illusion may still be before us. So with such perspectives as the NEW EARTH STAR, we can see not only what may be ahead for our planet and ourselves in a cosmic sense, but what is ALREADY INSIDE OF US in the micro-universe that we are.


The 44:44 Stargate and its sacred geometry is the earth's portal into the next octave for humanity in the Return Home. Here we will move into a closer look at the actual procedure of the ‘uplifting, the time when ensouled human beings come together in a mass synergy of experience in which they achieve a Light quantum within their cells, transferring them through the 'eye of the needle'. The choice for ascension is made from the level of the higher self for each soul who will pass through the 44:44 Star Grail gate, and is that which represents the 'eye of the needle'. 

And of the day, none has spoken, nor have their eyes seen that which is manifest therein. The Coming is upon wings of Light that circle in the grey dawn, as a nesting Anka bird. The egg of the earth is born anew, cracked from within its sacred womb. Out from its center the chick arises, its beak a slender knife that cuts through the weave of the world. Lo, a web of gold is spun, a pattern of the ageless stars. Souls move upon its fine threads, gathering eternity in a wave of exaltation, as they plunge into the heart of the blue star.

akashic translation by Maia