akashic definition of: Light Principle Forty (LP-40)

Thoth: A delineation of the whole constant or Time Creation, which can  be pictured as a sphere, with it's greatest density on the surface rather than at it's center. The electrical/magnetic fields that perpetuate time are a whole dynamic. There are a sequence of Light Mathematics which equates to this wholeness, registering entirely in the 'now' moment.

When the Time Creation sphere is divided through mind entropy, there are portions of the whole sphere that become dis-located or 'missing'. These missing fractions of the whole then, are replaced by logic synthesis. This is a process of higher Intellect. Logic synthesis creates informal reality (temporary synapses between logic streams) where division cannot be equated (does not compute), as within the whole dynamic of the Time Creation sphere. Informal reality in the Time Creation sphere, becomes a 'memory' of the missing fractions.

LP-40 is the Light Mathematical moment when the logic synthesis finds it's constant, ie, the missing fraction (through it's 'memory' of it), and thereby reclaims the true principle of the Time Creation equation.

for more on LP-40 see Temple Doors issue 2 - 1997