Venus & Earth

Partners Through Time and Space


Many years ago I received akashically that Venus was the guardian planet of Earth. They had both "arrived" in this solar system from another constellation: Orion. Their origins, so I received, were within the "Blue Star" Rigel. As it was explained to me by my inner-planes mentors:

The more advanced planetary worlds exist within their stars, for their vibratory rate is in parity with the center "black hole" state of that star. There are even more advanced worlds in the center of each galaxy, and beyond, at the center of each universe. Scientists have just recently discovered that it "appears to be" that there is a black hole at the center of each galaxy. Since they haven't checked out ALL the galaxies in the universe, they can't be sure of this, but the ones they have looked at reveal "apparent" black holes at their center...including one at the center of the Milky Way. Each PLANET in fact, as a type of black hole at it's center as well.

Out from the center of a star's black hole there is a key vibrational "sound" that opens a path or envelope in which "worlds" of soul-gathering form.  This sound envelope is the Tashish - the Becomer. Within the Tashish, the star-sun does not resemble a sphere, but a torus (donut-shape) instead, with the black hole of the star at the center, and the "worlds" existing within the torus.

Venus and Earth were once one world, as they nested within the vibratory torus of Rigel. Through a cosmic event (won't profile this here) they were transferred through a wormhole into the star-sun of this solar system. They eventually formed "planets," along with other native "worlds" within our solar system. However, they divided like a cell, so that Venus and Earth created a divine geometry with one another that they could not have created as one planet. I now understand this divine geometry to be what Nick Kollerstrom defines as "rose" and "heart" patterns in their cosmic dance with each other. To read more about Nick's presentation of this sacred geometry read his article "Venus, the Rose and the Heart."  To me, Nick's article presents a beautiful understanding of the marriage of these two planetary worlds from the cosmic perspective.

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