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For your website and other presentations...

  • Digital art created especially for you or your spiritual venue - High resolution suitable for large prints as well as internet display.

  • Creative, stunning video slideshows of your art or other spirit / health products

  • Promotion videos for You Tube of your offerings - done as a visual treatise, not a blatant ad

  • Your Story - your life expression in photographs, text and video (put together as a video and place for you on You Tube...set for private or public)

  • Videos of your Wedding, Children or other themes dear to your heart.

  • SPIRIT PORTRAIT:  My "Spirit Portraits" are channeled expressions of the individual's true inner-beauty. They contain colors, symbols, totems...whatever comes forth as a strong streaming cosmic-earth energy in that person's aura and energy fields that wished to be expressed at the time. CONTACT ME for further information. Prices vary.  view gallery  TIP: The better the pose and image resolution, the better the Spirit Portrait.

  • MY CUSTOM PACKAGE: You have something to offer on the internet...a service...a presentation. You would like to really get it polished like a gem and presented as the spiritual treasure it IS. I can help you refine that presentation, and supply the activational art, logos, banner and short video for You Tube that really gets your message across. Not a "sales pitch" but a "Heart Speak."

"Oh Maia I am crying so much it took me three times watching it before I could see through the tears TEARS of JOY it is really beautiful and your beautiful vibes in it have an activation of something sacred. I am so grateful to have you to do this." - ISISTRA (upon watching the video I made for her)

My Custom Art Portfolios


Video Examples

Client 1 / Client 2 / My Own / My Story (my own)



note: discounts will be given to Kyi'Ra Portal members for personal art, but not if it is to be used in commercial projects.

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