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Question: Can you share what the white winged horse represents? (see image in Enchantments gallery)

Answer: The horse is usually representative of the Higher Mind...especially a white horse. Being "winged" adds to the uplifting of the soul through spiritualized Intelligence. Usually Totemic messengers (animal totems), while presenting energies from the nature kingdom, also are the "PDF files" containing beings of light...guardians, guides, from the human soul evolution.

Question: I seem to recall from an old issue of Temple Doors a reference to the primordial feminine represented by the Black Madonna/Isis as the 'Dweller on the Threshold'. In 'from the mouth of the lion' Thoth makes a distinction between Isis and Sekhmet. Yet Sekhmet is also known as 'the Dweller on the Threshold'. I'm wondering if they share the same function, different essence or vice versa?

Answer: DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD is an esoteric term which refers to a particular aspect of the Self that is the watchdog of its lesser components. The "Dweller," then is that part of the Self that tells us we can face the TRUTH of our lesser-than natures the easy way or screaming and kicking...but we are going to have to face it one way or the other, sooner or later!

Sekhmet is a really powerful archetype that amps the human internal Dweller in a no-nonsense way. Skehmet as a COSMIC POWER is beyond the earth orientation as a Dweller impetus. She therefore strikes at the core of our galactic natures. Isis on the other hand, brings us to a point of realization with our earthen labors. Our Dweller focuses more inwardly with Isis, into the "Cradle", whereas Skehmet takes us into expansion toward galactic center.


Question: According to the New Earth material on this website, nly portions of the current earth will ascend. What will take up the rest of the sphere?

Answer: The idea of only parts of the planet ascending almost seems comical to visualize. However, I was shown that the matter of the earth...ALL the matter...will be re-translated into Light codes...pixels if you will. From these pixels or light bits, those matching the frequency of the "call" or sounding given from the center of the earth, will re-align within the New Earth Star.  Those not matching the vibration will re-cycle elsewhere re-composing into a sphere that is in a lesser state of evolution than is the New Earth Star.  Since we are speaking here of little "bits" of information, how it re-structures may not be identical to how it left this reality, as it will become a part of another matrix and must "facet-match" that matrix.


Question:  In the Akasha will the Nephilimic inserts be eliminated after LP-40 (the world Ascension)?

Answer:  As a prolog to answering this question...."Nephilim" in the Thothian material refers to souls of a wide variety who act as the "opposite" pull to Light-centered consciousness.  However they GOT there (and there are as many stories as there are Nephilimic souls), they are playing their role in this stage of universal evolution.  They are a necessary ingredient.  You could really (if we were totally honest) say that everyone incarnated on earth except an handful of yogis and lamas are "Nephilimic" souls.  In the Thothian material it is used more to reference souls which have an agenda in consciousness to oppose the Light. However, I have become increasingly dis-satisfied with the using of the name "Niphilim" in this manner.  Just like the Osmonds used to say on their TV show..."a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll," I believe we are all a little bit Masters and a little bit Niphilim."

Back to the question at hand, will will bring with us a "memory" of the Niphilim aspects of our being.  This will be like a "ghost" that will fade as we move deeper into the "dream" of the New Earth and make it our reality.


Question: In the "Earth Quilt" you speak of Camelonia/Camelot and the fulfillment of vows as a requirement prior to realizing the New Earth Star. Is there a Temple Doors you can post that speaks to this law, etc.? If so, would you be willing to post it?

Answer: No, I do not have a specific reference to such in Temple Doors.  This subject really leads into deep pools of one's own commitment to personal spiritual evolution. These are internal / eternal "vows" that are not devised in specific language or thought. They align to the soul's continual seeking for unity and its cyclic renewal of that alignment to the "Golden Mean" of questing consciousness. Like a moth returning to the flame, the "vows" bring us back again and again. Our emollition may be challenging to the personality and the physical form (if we insist on dwelling in the illusion), but to our soul, it is pure, fiery bliss.

Question: In the book "The Light shall set you free" by Doctors Norma J. Milanovich & Shirley D. McCune in a quoted discourse by Sananda (Jesus) on Forgiveness at the top of page 328 it says: "How simple is the solution Dear Children of Thoth". The importance of Thoth is indicated when you remind us that Thoth is one of the Seven templates of Adam Kadmon (as Jesus is one), but why are we considered the children of Thoth do you think?

Answer: It is my opinion that this is a metaphorical statement. From an archetypal point of view, Thoth is the physician of the codes of Light or DNA. Thus, he is the "scribe" (inscripter) of the Akashic, where these light codes are holgramed from the DNA. Following this archetypal view, human would then be the "Children of Thoth," as our DNA inscriptions bear his mark.

Question: I would like to know about the Holy Grail that Jesus had used during the last supper,i f where it was now ?  Is  it true that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

Answer: According to my akashic insights, although Yeshua was never married, he came to Mari of Magdalene AFTER his resurrection, while she was on the Isle of Iona...there was an "immaculate conception" of sorts, through which his seed impregnated Mari. The son born to her she named "John of Martinus" (John Martinus). The last name "Martinus" was after the Greek who guardianed Mari and raised John as a foster son. John spent most of his life at Glastonbury and is buried there, in a chamber way below ground. In that same chamber rests the true "grail" cup of the Last Supper. From this one child, so the direct linage of Yeshua was established. This story differs dramatically from many new controversial research books out now.

Question: In one of the channelings it says that Thoth (12,000 years ago) began one of his incarnations and brought with him the Enochian Tablets. But didn't Enoch live long after Thoth? Enoch was about 6000 years ago... but Thoth was 12,000 years ago. Can you explain? I'm not doubting the validity of your channelings.. because they do agree with my spirit. just hoping to get that cleared up in my mind.

Answer: Thoth uses world-symbology in his "Thoth Speak" (or at least in my interpretation of it). Thus, the "Enochian" Tablets like the "Enochian" Masters is referring to a vibration and frequency through which at some point in our linear time, a prophet named Enoch became part of. To such masters as Thoth there IS no linear time...or at least it does not figure into the greater equation. His use of words then, often has to do with their vibrational association in our world ideology.

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