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A Perspective on the Divine Feminine as a World Dynamic


According to my akashic insights, the ancient Lemurians called Her "MU-LA", meaning Sacred Mother of LOVE-LIGHT-LIFE. After receiving this name, I read in the book Egypt - Child of Atlantis by John Gordon that lha (as in Lhasa) is Indo-Tibetean for one of the creator gods or Elohim. Gordon further reveals that lha are the "creative solar spirits" as evidenced in the Celtic Llyr (or Lyr). The Romans called it Lar. the mayan Paradise was Tlaloca (pronounced Lha-loka). Then there is the Semetic Al-lha (the Moslem Allah).

This information correlates well with the Lemurian meaning of La / Lha as "love-light-life", for they saw the creative Logos, the Word to be filled with the Breath of LOVE-LIGHT-LIFE: "Let there be Light."

Thus we can see the MOTHER OF THE WORLD - MU-LHA, as being the BREATH or more accurately perhaps, the vital essence contained with the Breath -- of the Creator Lords.

To me, Thoth often refers to the Mother of the World as the Mother of the Pearl. In Temple Doors issue 4 - 1990 (not yet available in Spirit Store) I wrote about the Mother of the Pearl:

Thoth: She is the Radiant entity from a Throne of the Hierarchy in the Spheres of Power surrounding the center of the universe.

Thoth goes on to state that this Light Being always registers in the polarities as what we would call "female". He refers to her as "the embodiment of the Mystery of Eve."

She also assumes a unicorn body in an astral sphere of earth. This Radiant Being projects into the Sapphire Palace in the Valley of the Blue Star to interact with the eleven Lotus Crystal Skulls in the chamber of the Star Lotus. There, in the center of the circle of holographically projected (crystal) skulls, is an inter-dimensional Cube of Stars called the ORMID. In the center of this Cube is a single pearl of energy or consecrated star-matter, which....is the 'Pearl of Great Price'.

The Mother of the Pearl is the Dweller on the Greater Threshold and is the Fourth Witness to the Temple Aurora. She is the Pearl-Star of Isis, who is the Mystery of Eve. It is She who over-lighted and transfigured Torhannah, the Virgin Mary, and many other great feminine powers incarnate in the past. This is Her vow to the Temple Aurora:

 "I give unto Aurora the Pearl of Great Price, set in the Cube formed by the Foundation of Stars."

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