The Aura Healing Garden

The Interior world contains many healing centers, but the most prominent is the "Aura Healing Garden." It is here that many souls come both in the physical and non-physical to be attuned to the healing graces within them. Years ago, I came into the inner-planes presence of the guiding entity of the Garden, who addressed himself to me as "Michael" (no, not the archangel...or at least that was not my impression). I was experiencing health problems at the time and his guidance and my presence (etherically) in the Garden was very healing for me.

The grounds of the garden a beautifully landscaped, replete with flowers, trees, fountains and graceful, gentle animals. within this magical setting are several white, luminous buildings. These contain rooms with picture window views of the Garden, some including vistas of the Treal Mountain range as well. The rooms are not large, but arranged so that there is a feeling of expansiveness and light. They are each decorated simply, with the predominant colors usually white, accented with delicate colors. The sparse furnishings include a pallet couch-bed. Above the pallet and set into the ceiling is a large multi-faceted crystal, moveable within it's socket. While much of the healing work utilizes these crystals, the Garden itself is the most powerful radiating force.  since many seekers come in astral body, it is not unusual to see people appear and disappear as they journey down the paths of the grounds, like ghosts in a floating dream, blending their minds and hearts with the great oaks, twining roses and butterflies. In such a state, one can glide through the air above a curling stream, with a toe in the water, tracing the currents like a dolphin's fin. (I did this once!) Yes, those of the surface earth can and do visit the Garden in astral form at times. Unlike the Interior world habitants, most surface dwellers do not realize where they are, thinking it to be only a dream of their sleeping mind.

The High Devas (Faerie) of the Garden are there for the purpose of devoting Light, Love and Essence to the rejuvenation and comfort of the human souls who venture there.

The waters of the stream and the many springs gushing and bubbling up from the sacred ground there are the purest and most energizing of the Interior. While one may come across small springs, pools and uplifting fountains throughout the Garden, the favored place for the partaking of the elemental life of the Aura waters is at the Tortoise pool. It is the smallest and most sequestered in the Garden. Here, near the stream's shoulder where the bright moss forms golden ringlets upon the dripping rocks, is the figure of a large tortoise carved of milk-green jade. The tortoise is a symbol of wisdom and patience. It is also an icon of inherited knowledge, being harbored for an Age to come. It is said in the records of the People of the Interior, than when the tortoise finally speaks, the world will listen. The great Shamagicians often turn themselves into tortoises for ritual memory and communion with the past.

Unicorns (as well as live tortoises) can be found in the Aura Healing Garden. They are rare now, even in the inner earth. Unicorns are not what they appear to be to us...that is, horses with a horn on their foreheads. They have assumed this shape from the mass consciousness and archetypification of the world's image of them. In a future addition to Spirit Mythos I will write more about them from my akashic perspective. In the Aura Garden, the unicorns are more communicative with human guests (both in the physical and astral) than they are in the wilderness regions of Subterranea.

The Aura Healing Garden Gallery

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