Views of the Inner Earth Domain


In this "Inner Earth" section, are visions of the Interior as I view it through the akashic, along with certain prose, taken from both worlds.  Of course, as with all my akashic landscape & architecture art, I attempt to capture the basics and essence and not every rock and stone.

According to my akashic perceptions the natural hollow is largely un-populated. The cities and towns are clustered together in a few regions, with outposts here and there in the wilderness areas, which are in abundance.  The "interiorscapes" I have depicted in this section are all wilderness vistas.

Since the inner earth domain is a very dimensionally flexible zone (I refer you to the inner earth intro), there are numerous "threads" connecting electro-magnetic clusters of zones in the Interior.  As a result, if you were to start out walking from point A to point B, you may not wind up at point B, but instead at point Y or Z...or even back at A!  However, the inhabitants of the Interior instinctively know how to move around in their world.  They accomplish this through a combination of both linear and inter-linear access. I use the term (which I just made up) "inter-linear" as to call it "inter-dimensional" is not completely accurate. Inner earth inhabitants are not making large changes in their dimensional reality when they move about. Instead they are "re-threading" linear waves through the bio-magnetics of their brains and thus their cells. 

The inner realm inhabitants  also do a great deal of astral traveling , so the combination of astral and physical inter-linear locomotion transports the Interior dweller to many places in their world.

The following images of the Interior are accompanied by quotations from both surface and inner dwellers of this beautiful planet.




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