Symbology of the Mari Magdalene Medallion

The three crescents at the bottom of the medallion represent her 3-fold presence in the life of the Christed I'shoa (Yeshua /Jesus):  apostle, genetic kindred (she was his cousin) and soul partner. Each one of these crescent cups as a representative of the Divine Feminine "Goddess" was filled by her for a specific purpose. All three Maris in I'shoa's life Mari Anna, his mother, Mari Martha and Mari Magdalene (sisters and both cousins of I'shoa, along with their brother, Lazarus) were to carry the Divine Feminine charge for him and all three were related to him, therefore part of his grail linage. Thus, this three-foldness also represents the three Mari's and each of these souls carry the "three crescents" as their symbol (each having some different associations of it within the trinity of it's expression in their individual lives).

The flaming sign of the goddess (circle with crescent atop) is a confirmation of Mari M's roll as as a true priestess of the "Magda" - or dark (ie, hidden to the unitiated) goddess at the center of the earth, or Kaballistically speaking the Ain Soph contained within Daath.

As I state in the RITE OF AVALON on The Mensa:

The MENSA--the nine daughters of the Ionian Priestesses and the Knights Templars--engage in the Rite of Menhir, which is a ritual for raising the Old Earth consciousness from the center of the planet within the center of a living earth circle (the Menhir). There it becomes an "entity," which Merlin calls the "Magda."  She is the Woman of Ancients, Mother of Sorrows, Grandmother of Graces.

The energy streaming from the resurrected Magda coincides with the full moon (in Avalonic time). It is analogous to menstrual blood, for it is released from the womb of the Ancient Earth to nourish a seed of the New World Consciousness. When that seed is not given forth into the matrix of the Menhir, the Magda discharges these vital energies into the Avalonic world. The "blood" is then nourishment for Avalonic forms, sustaining that world. Very few New Earth seeds are engendered in the Magda due to the strong magnetic presence of the Old World forms. It is for the Women of the Avalon Shield, through the RITE OF AVALON to build pathways for this "new seed" and protect its entrance into the Menhir. This is the crossing-over between the realms that will bring forth the Logos of the New World from the seed-pod of the Old. The CHRISTOS in that birthing Flame, which Yeshua hosted into the world, bringing it through the Sun Spirit and into the center of the Earth. This is the "child in the manger" with which the Women of the Avalon Shield will help to usher into the New Earth.

The BIRD is of any kind, representing the soul of the "Magda" in the Priestess of her order who has reached the state of GRACE personified in the rites of the Sun King (Christos). Thus it is the SIGN of UNION between the Spirit of Air (direct communication with the angelic spheres) and the Spirit of Fire (the Perfected Flame that does not burn), as seen in the sun illuminating the sky - the world of the winged creatures of air.

The SEVEN PEARLS are the seven Temples of Venus which are guardianed through the ages by Priestesses of the Magda (or as we may call it currently the "Magadelene.) These temples are the wombs containing what could be called "Seeds of Light" for an Age soon upon us, when Venus, our Sister and Guardian in this solar system will aid us in our transition into the New Earth Star. This process has indeed already begun!

Four of the pearls (the larger ones on the cross) are the Venus Temples directed toward the awakening of the masses. The three smaller pearls on the 3-fold crescents are to be activated to serve those who serve the inner core or Magda at the "center of the earth."

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