Light Body Webring

Welcome to the LIGHT BODY WEBRING!

You qualify to be a member of this Ring if your website is at least 50% on one or more of the the following topics:

 Spiritual Transformation and Enlightenment

Sacred Arts: all art forms

Ancient Memories: past life recall,  channeled views of ancient civilizations and cultures

 Personal Journeys in Spirit: personal websites that reflect a spiritual nature.

Websites that contain "adult," racist, violent or political material of any kind do NOT qualify.

To join this webring:

1) copy & paste the Light Body Webring table below onto your links or webring page..or homepage. It should bring the picture with it, but if it does not, then copy the photo and place it in your imaged directory. You may then have to re-select it for it to show up.

2) CLICK HERE to go to the RingSurf and sign up to join the webring.

On the Ringsurf form, it is important to put the  web address of the page on which the Webring will appear, into the box that asks for "site URL". Ignore the "ring code url optional".

3) Once you have the code uploaded onto your site, contact me and I will activate it. It will not work otherwise.

You can change the 'look' of this webring on your page: the color background and size by right clicking in the box and selecting "table properties". Please do not change the text or photo.

If you have any questions, first please come back and read this page to see if you missed anything, and if that doesn't do it for you,  CONTACT ME. (Maia Christianne, website: Spirit Mythos)



Light Body Webring

The Light Body of transformation, sacred arts, ancient memories and personal journeys in spirit.


This webring is owned by Maia Christianne

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