I am at this writing, 64 years old and have had chronic health problems all my life. I was born with curvature of the spine and colon dysfunction. This has escalated to include severe adrenal burn-out, of which chronic fatigue is a symptom. A few months ago I discovered a Water Machine that has been a miracle for me. It has sooo helped my severe colon problems  and other things, and I am very grateful. However, the chronic fatigue / adrenal disorder has not dramatically improved, although many people with chronic fatigue have been helped and often cured of CF by drinking the special water. I believe the reason for this is that as fast as the WATER cleanses and re-orders, so new toxins are pouring in...from various sources: such as electro-magnetic and radiation sources and Monsanto pesticides I am exposed to here on the island. I know that many people on Kauai are not well due to this combination of problems. Others seem to be unaffected.

The other day I did a Skype session with a lady - Elaine Christine, who had received a written Life Pulse session from me. I generally do not do Skype sessions, as with my chronic fatigue I can never know how I will be feeling. Yet I had the guidance I need to do this one. Elaine and I really connected, and as a result she wrote the following letter for all those who truly resonate with my work. - Maia

* * * * * * *

Today, I had the blessing of connecting with Maia in a way that I have only hoped for.

Several weeks ago, I signed up for a private Skype session with Maia, after having done a Life Pulse session (which turned out to be very revealing for me).  The private session was delayed for almost two weeks due to Maia not feeling "up to it" and her also wanting to do the session on all cylinders (as she put it). I understood.

Well, what a session it was! (It was so worth the wait).  Obviously, I won't go into detail but, it was profound.  This session was like turning a corner  -  in fact, I can honestly say monumental with regard to getting more clarity around my purpose and what I am doing here on Earth at this time!  I ended up with not only more understanding but, I must add - JOY ... which I totally was not expecting!  That said, I can personally tell you, if you are contemplating doing work with Maia - don't wait!!!!  You WILL get what you came for and more!

Now, on another note... During some chat time....  Maia revealed something very personal to me...   Because she is still in the process of healing her body, she has been limited in doing her work by a "shortage of energy" - (though I believe this is temporary).  However, either way, Maia like all of us has her challenges ..... She LOVES what she does, but in this moment of time could use some help - financially - along with prayers for her healing.

Her ability to share (profusely) and to continue to provide critical information is nothing short of an incredible gift for ALL of us.  I love her blogs and videos and am grateful to be on the receiving end of everything she courageously posts.  She is an inspiration - again, for all of us!!!

I was thinking that an easy way to extend love, gratitude and support for Maia would be to subscribe to her Kyi'Ra portal at Cosmic Consciousness so you would have free access to everything she puts out (and it's a lot!!).  The truth is you could think of it as a way to support her but, the fact is, it's an exchange where YOU actually get much more in return!!!  The beauty is it would help provide a flow of income for her that could free her mind AND heart!

She is a most incredible Light... a sweet, courageous, creative being, dedicated to serving all of us at the highest level.  My hope and prayer is that as so many of you responded to her "over the rainbow' blog, seeing her authenticity and transparency, you can find it in your heart to respond to her need for some financial help, as well.

I'll end this with a "Thank You Maia" - I think I can safely say, "We are all grateful for your efforts, wisdom and love."

Blessings Always .... Elaine

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