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The "Spirit Art" found here are my personal renditions into which I have incorporated my Akashic insights on the ancient People who participated in the rituals and  energy dynamics of the Place of the Singing Spirits. My renditions are "new" expressions of this ancient energy, employing ancient symbols in a more "New Earth Star" matrix.



Ankii Toma

The "Ankii" was a portal created by the Kantii in which to view and / or communicate with other beings in other dimensions or persons in remote locations.

"Ankii Toma" were the portals that accessed beings in other dimensions.

The spider was the symbol of the weaver of zum'teh--that which connects all being. When the soul traveled along the filaments of the web of zum'teh, they could instantaneously go anywhere in the universe.

Ankii Havpa

The "Ankii" was a portal created by the Kantii in which to view and / or communicate with other beings in other dimensions or persons in remote locations.

The "Ankii Havpa" was a portal created to access persons-- usually sages or shamans--in another location, which was often in another part of the world.

The spider was the symbol of the weaver of zum'teh--that which connects all being. When the soul traveled along the filaments of the web of zum'teh, they could instantaneously go anywhere in the universe.

Apaki Shield

The double spiral of the Apaki Shield represents the duality of day and night, sun and moon cycles and in-breath and out-breath. The latter was most especially a focus for the Kantii or "Royal Ones." The in-breath and out-breath was to them, the very rhythm of life. Without it DEATH was the outcome. Yet when the Kantii perceived death, it was not the physical death as we understand it. For in the cessation of earthly breath, the Kantii and the People believed that the Spiritual Breath completed itself in the soul. For the Kantii and the People, death come only when the soul turned its face from the Light, metaphorically speaking. If the soul did not CHOOSE eternal breath and therefore eternal life, it ceased as a function of the universe and then became a "no-being." Such no-beings could haunt desolate lands, it was believed, but they had no power to the soul who stood in the Light.

Makao Shield

A Shield of "Presence to Service." The Kantii (Royalty of the Sun and Moon) of Chaco considered their lives to be "braided" from the fine rays of the Sun and Moon. As these braids came down into the earth, they entered the bodies of lizards and serpents who basked in the sun. Thus, these nature beings were especially sacred to the Kantii, for they believed them to contain the braided fire of the Royal Path of "Presence" that the Kantii were born to serve. 

Nova Sky

There are some petroglyphs in Chaco Canyon which archeologists now think might represent a super nova that occurred in the time period in which the Anasazi occupied Chaco. I have incorporated these petroglyphs in the artwork above.

Twanko Star Shield

n eight-pointed star upon the face of the Sun Spirit was a Kantii symbol of regeneration and birthing into New Worlds or spheres of consciousness. It was from the Sun that the Kantii received the first strands of fire-rays for their braiding of Spirit into the earth.

Zeki Shield

"Zeki," the Spirit of gathering the tribes is represented in the Turtle Shield. The forces coming together from the Sacred Four Powers of Nature into the Greater Tribe of Nations; whereby each tribe can thereby find integration within the Greater Tribe of Humanity. The Kantii and the People believed that it was impossible to find unity among individual tribes without first accepting the power of the Sacred Four within each soul that composed the sub-groups or lesser tribes, which in turn, was the substance of the Nations and the Great Tribe of Humanity.

To the Kantii and the People, these Sacred Four Powers of Nature were:

1) Mula (vibration)

2) Etavha (progression, from one stage to another)

3) Mieke (to always return to "Source" or the purity of beginnings to begin a new revolution upon the spiral of "Etavha")

4) Halmka (to be receptive)

Thus, "Zeki" represented these Sacred Four coming together into balanced interaction within the soul, the tribe, the nation and humanity.

Crystal Singer

I dance to the rhythmn of the Crystal Singer. He pours open his soul to me and I am plunged into the depth of the sacred pool of heaven.

Crystal Singer 2

I am dispersed by Light into into all the crevasses of life...holding the flame near the beating heart of my Mother, the earth.

Crystal Singer 3

Waves of electric song move through me, transforming me inside a lattice of pure crystal...pulsing and extending into the depths of the universe.

Crystal Singer 4

Crimson is the color of the blood moon's light, as it receives me in the fullness of my time. I am completed in my song.

The Dreaming

Wherever the heart is found, so there the Dream begins.


Emergence from the Underworld is at hand! Every moment is a new world revealed.


The Kokopelli flute player highlighted the ritual of "Papah." A ceremony performed in the Kivas which invited the souls of deceased ancestors to dance, sing and play instruments with the those still incarnate in the earth.

During the ceremony, the ancestors often left "gifts" behind (materializations) of stones, beads and even flutes.

Room with a View

He who sees through the eyes of nature, expands his sight into the cosmos.

Ghost Shaman

I awoke to see the spirit of my Grandfather one night...he rose from the mist of the lake and sat upon my chest. I said to him, "Grandfather, why are you here...why have you come to me?" He frowned and said, "Do not bother me, I am dreaming you into existence!"

Spirit Talker

I follow the spiral of the sacred. I talk the threads of time into being. I am in gratitude. I walk in peace forever.


Blessed is the union with my Beloved! Time is not a barrier to my soul for I know my union is strong with thee, oh Beloved Spirit.

Ancestral Spirit at Chaco Canyon

Oh, Thunderbeing, open my soul! Spilt the egg of my will in two and release the pure yolk of surrender to Spirit.

Time Corridor

The Stream of time focuses me, yet I am not contained by it.

Totem Magic

My Totem flies out of me and animates my world.

Sacred Closure

Whenever the Kantii left a "sacred space" of their rituals and prayers, when they wished to keep the energy or "vmii" they had summoned in tact within that space for a period of time, they marked a "sacred closure" at the entrance to the space in the soil. This was not just a matter of making the mark on the ground (whether by tracing it in loose sand, using a form of sand-painting or laying out stones). It also included placing an intent, an energy prayer ) (pakai) about the sacred space being sealed. This energy-prayer also contained a "signature." The signature had two parts. One was that of the purpose of the vmii contained with the sacred space. This would often (but not always) be added in the physical symbols drawn. the other was the identity of the one who had summoned the vmii. This was never drawn in the earth. It was contained only in the vibration within the pakai that accompanied the act of the sacred closure. A gifted Kantii would be able to perceive both parts of the signature in approachin

most of these images appear on the Mystical Journey In Chaco Canyon screensaver

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