Akashic History

The following are my Akashic insights concerning the ancient purpose of the buildings constructed in Chaco Canyon and into an even larger region encompassing the canyon, between 850 to 1250 A.D.  I feel that I have been greatly aided in my assessment of this Akashic Record by a Guardian of the Chaco Temples - a man (now in Spirit) who identifies himself as "Achuwa."

To begin:  Guardians, priests and priestesses of Chaco were called "Kantii," meaning the "prescribed ones" -- those who offered themselves and were thus were given prescription to act, to hold a point of entry into the Spirit World.

Chaco Canyon was called by the Kantii: :"Place of the Singing Spirits."

The Kantii served Spirit and the Spirit of the Place of the Singing Spirits served the earth.  Souls who opened themselves in awareness and ritual to this serving were simply known as "The People."  Whomever came into the temples and participated in the rituals and ceremony of the Place of the Singing Spirits, were to be counted among The People.

The Temples of the Place of the Singing Spirit were intended to be instruments of the Gods. They were tuned to the harmonies of the universe. Each temple was built to be "played" by the frequencies of the earth, wind and cosmos, quickened by human voice and instrumentation. The small, dark rooms within the temples were built according to the sacred geometry of the music of the spheres in resonance with the earth. They were resonating cavities. Some of the rooms were sealed off whenever it was decided that a new "harmony" was to be created, just as one would hold down a string on a violin at a certain place to change the vibration along the line of that string. The sounds of the temple instruments themselves could not be heard within the range of normal human hearing, although some animals can hear at that frequency. However, many human voices were raised in specific psalming to quicken the temples into their own refrains. The People who gathered for this purpose were not only trained to perform these symphonic rites, but were able to hear, in varying degrees, the "reply" from the templaric instrumentation.

Understand that all planetary bodies and suns emit frequencies which are a form of natural music, and so does the earth. She sings not only through her winds and waters, but through the rocks as the sun, moon and starlight strikes them, and as the cold and heat expand and contract them. There is also the sound coming deep from the center of the earth, which animals can hear, that permeates the whole planet. All these sounds coming together create a symphony of sound that is glorious to those who are able to discern it. While humans do not ordinarily have the hearing range to listen to this greater song, individuals can receive spiritual training to open the centers of their brains to be receptive to these frequencies, creating neural pathways that pick up the planetary vibrations and transform them into "sound" responses within the cortex.

In conducting and performing these human-earth-stellar symphonies, the ancients of Chaco Canyon were able to control certain aspects of the natural world around them--calling these desired conditions into creation. They also sent their astral bodies to various locations on the planet and inside the earth, and indeed, into other star systems. They had elaborate rituals that expressed what they experienced there in these other realms.

It is true that few actually lived in the Place of the Singing Spirit. There were only the Kantii: guardians, priests and priestesses who lived in this sacred place, along with the few who served them in the needs of everyday survival.  However, large gatherings of The People came together in the musical temples there for the purpose of performing "events" which altered their reality and the earth's imprint in space and time.

Guided by the priests and priestesses, The People created holograms of intricate style and complexity in which to live their incarnative experience. Yet this complex system could not last.  When it was decided by the Guardians that the time was at hand for a "sacred closure" of the entire temple complex, the power envelopes around the temples which were generated within the kivas were collapsed by setting great fires within the kivas. They then sealed key doors of the temples so that they could not longer "sing" with the earth and the stars. After the structures were sealed away, the Priests and Priestesses left and The People returned no more. Yet the Guardians remain. These souls chose to remove themselves from earthly life at that point and continue to guardian the sealed temples and the land of the Place of the Singing Spirit from the vantage point of the astral plane. One of these guardians is "Achuwa," who came to me in spirit during my visit to Chaco Canyon in May of 2002.

The sacred power  or energy of the temples was not destroyed with the dismantling of the form. Once sacred closure was put into place, the energy remained to go through its cycle and be absorbed into the earth to arising within The People in a new form...only the "mechanics" of that power was dis-assembled.

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