Thoth on Activation of Earth Temples - 1/06/07

Maia: Simeon and I have done a lot of “activating” in earth grids, and before I met him I certainly did my share. However, as time went on, I began to realize that there was something about this process that I wasn’t understanding. So recently, I asked Thoth to elaborate on the activating of earth grids and sacred sites for me.

Thoth: Activation of natural earth grids and sacred sites comes about through a confluence of cosmic and mass human stages of expanding awareness. No individual or group of individuals activates a natural earth grid or sacred site. However, they can witness it...through ceremony, ritual or merely with deep inner intention; and when they do, so they activate themselves and feed this activation into the mass consciousness. This can create an evolutionary path to the expansion of human awareness, which in turn adds to that expansion. The expanding human awareness meets with the cosmic events in a dance of harmonics. It is this “dance” that then activates natural earth grids and sacred sites.

It is the “healing of the wound” within each individual that comes together for the greater awakening.

With man-made structures or grids, individuals can activate part of a group of souls, who either over time or as a new intentional format, have chosen to create these grids or structures. Often, there is mixture of the two dynamics: a natural sacred site containing a temple that has been created in the past through intentional human focus. The soul or souls then return in another incarnation and re-activate what they originally set into motion; but they do not activate directly the natural environment...only that which was constructed (physically and/or astrally) by human beings.

Maia: What about the “Venus Temples?”

Thoth: This is a combination of sorts. There is the natural planetary “Venus node” which can also be defined as a “temple” and then there is the collection of intentional consciousness that continues to gather at these nodes through time. The Venus nodes are being activated and /or opening further levels of their activity through the interplay of cosmic events and mass consciousness expansion. However, there are also group souls who have created their own amorpha (Thoth’s word for group belief / focus / activity made into a working system) at these nodes.