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Thoth on the Pymander's Seraphi Program

On this page you will find  Seraphi Planetary Codes Thoth is giving me on an on-going basis. These codes are especially for placing into your THOTH MASTER GUARDIAN PROGRAM  along with your personal codes. If you have had your SERAPHI PROFILE done, simply title each set -  Profile: XXX  Planetary: XXX.  These codes can also be used in any intentional manner as radionics numbers.


Pymander Seraphi  Planetary Codes: Planetary Integration of  Cruxus Venus Codes at DNA level - Phase I

This code is the base-level operations of activation of the Cruxus Venus DNA crystalline frequency in the body and in the earth as a synergistic process. Working with this code individually or in groups will aid in the integration of it's harmonic into the world consciousness and the earth matrices of the planet.


The following code is to bring a greater synergy for the individual with the unique dynamics being manifested on the planet by the Solar Eclipse of July 21-22nd, 2009. This is an on-going that will continue through to July 23rd of 2012.

The code is:  338559079.000

For those who are also working with personal Ark Name templates, it is suggested that you not only enter this code into your Thoth Master Guardian, but print the number on a piece of paper and place it either on top or underneath your Ark Name Template for further adjustments in the energy nodes of your body.