In a recent (June, 2008) session for a friend concerning her daughter's dream about a blue crystal skull, I received the following from Thoth:

This skull is one of the Dwellers. At this time, it is being activated as the re-alignment of the Heart Stone under the Rosslyn altar in Scotland is triggering the Roil Point in Hawai’i to send out Light code signals through the Mother Earth Grid so that the Dwellers on the Earth will all become activated again (this is but a first step). This Blue Crystal Skull of the Star-One O’duma is the 12th to become a LOTUS Skull, and the first to become activated. This process of it’s activation will not be completed until July 30th, at which time it will create it’s duplicate in the New Earth Star. As they become activated, each Dweller Crystal Skull will be ‘cloned’ within the New Earth of Numis’OM.

When the now 12 LOTUS Skulls are all activated and duplicated (one could say expanded) into Numis’OM, the 13th as a living human being will come forth to join them. It is then that the prophecy will be complete... yet there are more Dwellers in and beyond the Earth, all which will eventually be activated and duplicated in the New Earth; but when the 13 LOTUS Skulls are activated and in place also within Numis’OM a major Threshold for the 44:44 Star Grail Ascension of the Earth shall be crossed.

More on this topic will appear in the upcoming volume (5 - 2008) of Numis-OM - Eye of Metatron.