Energy-Art Templates

"These are spherical crystalline drops of Dragon essence which is secreted from the sides of the eyes (not the eyes themselves) of the Dragon - both males and females. This occurrence takes place when a Dragon is thrumming (beating) it’s wings in a heart-song. It is a form of unity expression among themselves and all of the creational flow of their world - in this instance, Numis’OM.

When the essence drops to the ground, in a short period of “time” (time is a dodgy word to use about anything in the New Earth realms) it becomes a crystal sphere. Each sphere is unique. It radiates the creation dynamics of the “rushing” of the universe within the matrix of it’s creation - like a snapshot of divine beauty in the Eye of God in that “Moment” of being Present, as the “Pearl” was formed."
- excerpted from article Dragons and Dragon Pearls  Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron, Volume 1 - 2008

The following "Dragon Pearl" energy-art templates are designed energetically to connect to specific energy fields for balancing, healing, activating your "inner dragon" and attuning you to the Creation Matrix of the Earth. This aids in expanding the energy bodies to accept more fully the New Earth Star Hologram.

Each Dragon Pearl has been assigned a Pymander Seraphi radionics number, which you can write on the back of your printed artwork to use as an energy harmonic; and most importantly, to enter into your Thoth Master Guardian Program. You can place it after your personal Seraphi Profile number, as well as before the planetary number you may be working with, prefacing the New Earth Star Essence number with "nes."


Lily of the Lake

Amber Flame

Milk of the Goddess

Terra Firma

Blue Mar

Tolkin Black Pearl

Ice Maiden



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