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Special Friends Listing
in gratitude and appreciation


The individual's and businesses listed below have supported Spirit Heart Sanctuary / Spirit Mythos in various ways therefore enabling it to continue to operate in the capacity that it has for the last 12 years. Some of these listings opted to donate more than was required to subscribe to Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron and also more than what the estimated value that the subscription carries in terms of return benefits (although in truth there is really no way to place a value on subscription in such a focus as we provide). Other's donated from their hearts in exemplary ways, and still others have come forth to make regular tithes from their business activities to help support this organization. We naturally wished to reciprocate in some way and have offered them exposure here. Please patronize those listings here that offer products or services.


We are deeply grateful for the kindness and generosity all these souls have extended to this Station of Light and we know that they have become brighter lights for having done so, and thus the planet has become a little brighter place as well.

There are other Special Friend's not listed here who have been instrumental in facilitating this Station of Light over the years and who have chosen to remain entirely anonymous. We would like to take this opportunity to also acknowledge them and thank them from the depths of our hearts for their support as well.

When we thank all of our Special Friends, listed and unlisted, we are thanking them not only for ourselves, but for all those persons they have enabled us to serve through the years who did not have much money after the floodgates of Spirit opened upended their former lives and who thus desparately needed spiritual assistance in one form or another. Your donations and support have allowed us to offer some assistance to those folks too!

It is thus a large collective THANK YOU that we send forth which is part of the greater vortex of universal brotherly/sisterly love!



are handmade. Each is unique and holds a sage leaf and Camelian stone which support faith and courage, balanced sexual energy and grounding. These pouches are made of deerskin and sheepskin to hold herbs, crystals, and sacred pieces of jewelry or art. The white feathers are from two pet Cockatoos, one named Princess and the other Greater Sulpher. Additional feathers are Cockatoo, snow white Rooster Schlappen and gifts from birds visiting my garden. Priced from $60, contact me for more photos and info.

- Joe Polansky Editor and Publisher: Diamond Fire is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-denominational review, published quarterly, and dedicated to the cosmic, metaphysical perspective of things -- which is to say, the perspective of Truth. Malchitsedek Productions ~ P.O. Box 7368 ~ North Port, FL 34287.

Into the Divine Presence - A site dedicated to the unity of God's Family on Earth and the Establishment of God's Kingdom. A link where all God's family both on Earth and in the Heavens can share. A place where we can learn and grow together for the upliftment and ascension of Humanity, Earth and all Life in Union with the Lord within the Divine Presence of God.

Sacred Connections - Barry and Theresa Dunford: Sacred Connections, Highland Perthshire, reveals information on Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies, new awareness (spiritual, holistic health, economics), seminar/workshops, talks, and guided tours to sacred sites.

Solgar Vitamins in the Netherlands - Michele Dinger: We are dedicated to bringing the best in health and nutritional supplementation that is available in the world to the European marketplace. Service and education are prominent in our approach.

by Rev. William Buehler in Crestone, Colorado:, specializes in grids formed in consciousness and geometric forms. These are applied in temples, earth grids, and in light group process. The same energy and consciousness dynamics are found in Judeo and Christian scriptures. He uses Thoth Raismes' cosmology as translated by the Nartoomids, interpreted by himself to apply to the grids he finds. This work of 35 years is in support of the present Metatronic "Ascension." The ministry is in the independent and liberal Catholic Church of Antioch.