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Thoth is calling a specific energy vortex MIDNIGHT FIRE. It is one which forms in the body when the whole system is aligned to the Cosmic pulsing coming from the center of the solar system / the galaxy / the center of the universe itself.

A complete alignment to the Midnight Fire will create a vortex of golden-violet light surrounding the body. This can sometimes be seen by the naked eye faintly, as one might glimpse an aura briefly.

When a Master Illuminari such as THR moves into the state of Midnight Fire, such a whirlwind about the body would be quite visible and indeed almost blinding.

For the normal human however, there are gradients of this receipt. Many people enter Midnight Fire for fractions of a second, completely unknown to them. This happens as a result of an enlightening moment, or transcendent event. The more sustainable the Midnight Fire “moment” the greater the opportunity to create a more heart-based, universal streaming from the holographic universe, in which the body of that individual becomes transformed into the PURE GEM substance of the New Earth!

This video was created with the overlighting of ThothHorRa as a vehicle for enhancing the micro light fibers in the body – which are connected throughout the meridians. These micro-fibers are the photonic transmitter of high-definition universal LIGHT throughout the body – coming from the SOURCE of all Light-giving elementation.

In most of humanity on Earth at this time, these micro-light fibers are only at a life-sustainable level...in other words, only enough of them and within a radiance, to keep us alive. By enhancing the mirco-fibers in the body...FEEDING them through the vortex of the Midnight Fire...so the human system develops a more cosmic sustainability.

Understand the our bodies...our flesh-forms ARE important. They may come and go, but so long as the full development of these forms are not achieved to the point that they can be translated into pure LIGHT at the time the soul leaves incarnation (the body as a light form being taken back into the soul merkabah at departure), the soul will continue to incarnate and reassemble the flesh body.

Viewing this short “Midnight Fire” video repeatedly will help you develop the micro-light fibers in your body – amplifying the Midnight Fire vortex.

Certain gemstones carry a stronger “Midnight Fire” charge than others. Also, the Andara Crystal-Glass (the name and original info was channeled by me in the mid-1990's) is especially potent in receiving this charge. Thus in the Midnight Fire video you will see Andara which contains more potent potential for receiving and sending the Midnight Fire “lightning” into the micro-light filaments of the body. Understand that photographs of these crystals work almost as well as the actual physical presence of the crystal.

Also genuine Crop Circles ignite the "Fire."

The video you will see is created very specifically for visual effect and tones in order to elicit the Midnight Fire in the body.

Yet there is more to it...

A door will open soon - hopefully very soon - with a very human "event" that will lead to the next step in opening people to the true Fire within. I am not at liberty to discuss this "event" right now, but I will when the time is right. So I also made this video to help create an energy bridge for the "event" to come to fruition as people are quicken by it on one level or another.

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