This first video is an introduction to the being "Thoth" - my inner-planes mentor as I know him. It tells the basic story of who he is and what he is as an Immortal and Illumined One. Further I, THOTH videos is his telling, more of  "the story" and an invitation of connection to those who feel guided to come closer to his flame.


The Becoming

A journey of the Heart with Thoth - through the Halls of Amenti and his birthplace in Tibet and on...into the World Symbology of our human BECOMING. This video is intended to trigger through image, word and music the deep connection each of us feels with our SPIRIT.

Truth of the Trees

Thoth tells us the story of the first "Garden of Eden" in the LOTUS Realm - the original beginning of our existence on Earth, in a dimension removed from the planet's current register. There was a second Garden of Eden in what Thoth calls the "Assyrian Lands" once the LOTUS Realm was closed to humanity. But that is another story.

In the telling of the First Garden, Thoth speaks mythically, incorporating the true essence in a symbolic picture of words. Press your ear to the Earth and listen...what Truth emerges from the words, images and music? It is your natal being that will reveal to you the Truth of the Trees.

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