The PURE GEM MEDALLIONS are an "upgrade" of the Merkabah Logos. They represent your Soul Path, as do the Logos - but they also contain the New Earth codes of your evolving "Pure Gem Body." My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has given me much information on what he calls the Pure Gem State of Being, that will incorporate the physical form as we continue to expand into the New Earth Hologram.

This art medallion as depicted above (this one is mine), is intended to visually trigger the neural responses in your brain that are key to the development of the Pure Gem DNA and cellular components. Of course the physical aspect of the Pure Gem State will develop naturally, but certain triggers in your environment will aid in this activation and more graceful transition of your Being into the Pure Gem. I believe the Pure Gem Medallions to be one of these activators.

All the energy-art I create is activational, and that which I create specifically for the individual is even more so. Each category (Phi Quantum Healing Mandalas, Merkabah Logos, Pure Gem Medallions, etc) is like a specific facet of the same crystal. The one you are drawn to in the moment, is what is calling you to bring into your energy field at that time.

The Pure Gem Medallions are my latest offering and the capstone of them all. I take additional time in creating them, working with the gem frequencies of that individual's energy field to face-match with the colors, symbols, and whole visual presentation to that person. I use photographs of actual crystals and other earth elements, which I blend as an alchemy into the tones and textures of the art work. All these components the senses breathe in, when one is viewing their medallion. It also sends out a signal of your "Gem tone" to others who see it.

"Its sooo magical, I feel and know it through and through my being!" - Dylan's response to his Pure Gem Medallion

Wow Maia, You are the Pure Gem of treasure art!!!! I love my exquisite Medallion. It speaks to me through color,  symbols, design and a familiarity that my soul knows. Connecting me, in the here and now, from my past and future self. Unifying and inspiring me to Accept,  Be and Love myself . From this Heart opening feeling I get when I gaze into the picture, new facets of creativity, spirituality and joy, spring forth in me. Thank you. Many Blessings William


You receive a high resolution image that you can have printed in a fairly large format. An example of a Merkabah Logo I did for someone is seen in this photograph below...


A Personal, custom-made PURE GEM MEDALLION is $200. It is delivered as a high resolution image to you via email. You will also receive a sentence or two (or three) of Keynotes.

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