akashic definition of: Solarius / Solarians /Solarian Rays

The Solarians are those souls which were separated from the first beams of soul generation into Creation Stars which were resonant with the Solarius. They were cultivated to be the guardians and servants of the Sacred Rays of Life Creation. These are the Sun Children, for (here on Earth) in sensitivity they are much like little children, as they maintain a blithe spirit. The Solarians are the scouts, the cosmic frontiersmen. Those who clear the sacred Earth and raise the bridges and build the temples from His cosmic blueprint... Before the last bridge is raised all souls (of Earth) shall gather the beams... There are those souls with divine mission who are not from the Light Races of the "Children of the Sun" (Solarians) who arose in later ages to take up the torch. They, too, form circles of Light on the Earth. One day all will be received into the Keeping of the Atonic Flame.

Simply put, the Solarians represent the many stellar races, basically what we would relate to as "human", as compared to angelic or devic souls. Their programs would include generating avatars, messiahs, religions, nations and culture frames across Time. This is a large reason why safe and efficient Time gates are included in Light work: to collaborate with the Solarians and their projects in non-linear Time. Their symbols are the sacred birds (and the collective group of them), sometimes called the Starr-Eagles or Eagles of Starr. The Golden Bee is also their symbol. They have also been known as the Shepherds or Shepherd Kings.

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