akashic definition of:  Event Horizon and Rhombic Gate

 Point of passage between space-time continuums - really where AWARENESS of new potentials is so expansive as to INDUCE the passage!

Thoth on the Event Horizon and a "rhombic gate": Very simply, and we stress, this is a very simple definition; its function is an enfolding of time apertures along the EVENT HORIZON, the latter which is very simply defined as the moment time and space identify one another's reality and create from that reality reference points or sequences. These sequences allow both universal continua to 'keep track' or respond to the other, which in turn forms variant reality packages or conic flows within which engramic codes, like receptive nerves tentacle into the fabric of matter; matter being formed through the intensifying of these 'identity referencing' sequences. The rhombic dynamic then, with its enfolding process, creates torus 'holes' around which intense magnetic fields are enfolding. When Light ships travel through dimensions, they lock onto the holes rather than the torus energy which composes our sense of matter, dimension and reality. They can then instantly slip through the holes and manifest within the desired torus field."

Thoth's notes also include a more technical view of the Gate's function within the Flashing Universe dynamic:

"The infinity of the universe or more accurately: universes, is found within the limitless interactions of energy and dimension. Space is not the final frontier as it is bound within the framework of a cosmic order. There are three major divisions of the universes' dimensional fields which could be perceived as three separate but interdependent universes in themselves. The universe in which we ambulate could be depicted as the positively charged universe. The universe on the opposite spectrum of cosmic distillation is then the negatively charged universe. As a separating and balancing vacuum the neutral universe is poised between the two charged uni-states. Although, to help digest this scenario, we can visualize the placement of the 'Big-Three' as a cosmological sandwich, there is no physical three dimensional direction involved. The placement of the universes are exacted by their properties and the relationship of those properties to the whole.

"In the dimensions of the universes where space is existent, there is a principle of continuum termed here as the hyper-magneto grid. It is a spider's lacework of diverging, intersecting, spiraling and convoluting invisible lines which serve as linkage to the intellect control center, feeding information into that center and adjusting spatial symmetry according to the feedback impulses of the command control. The hyper-magneto grid issues a hyper-state of magnetic wave. These waves, flowing along their tracks, are variable in their ability to regulate the governing of space to time and energy by altering or progressing the impulse codes governing the dimensional elasticity of the spatial area. And so we are dispatched from the flat earth of Columbus' age into the midst of a breathing universe through the fluxes of the hyper-magneto as it is expanding and simultaneously contracting.

"As the incoming and outgoing hyper-magnetic waves are acting on both the positive universe and the negative counterpart, total universal expansion is not possible for as the hyper-wave is incoming in one dimension, it is counterbalanced as outgoing on the other, creating a perfect dipole effect, regulating all motion so that it does not exceed the order established and result in permanent chaos. From our pinhole view, the galaxies seem to be racing away from us in a red shift of accelerated retreat because we are positioned upon the grid so that our scopic relativity is witnessing the expanding wave. Optically and sonically we are entrained to the outgoing hyper-wave. There are exceptions ... those matter systems closer to us which are within our range of relativity are not receding as the farther the object in space the greater hyper-magnetic intensity which causes the greater appearance of acceleration. That is not to say that motion is not a demanding force in the universe. Motion is the most prominent method of 'change of state' in the universal continuum. However as energy is accelerated past the speed of light it affects a change in dimension, releasing it from its present dimensional focus to another dimension-plane. It is then capable of sustaining the state into which it has been re-formed through the displacing laws of space-time which are activated through spectral acceleration."