Personal Phi Quantum Healing Mandalas (PQHM)

Quantum Healing Mandala, art by Maia

Quantum healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body. - Deepak Chopra

Your Personal Phi Quantum Mandala

 1) creates "quantum jump zones" between energy particles in your body, helping to move you into spaces for new programming of mind and emotions

2) changes the alphabet sequencing and thus the language commands in your cellular memory to release blockages in the physical body

3) re-focuses the mind to better serve the intelligence of the heart

I am now offering Phi Quantum Healing Mandalas to help one re-align to their Phi tone in the mind and body.

As I create these mandalas I am over-lighted by the Ur'Aheem or “Master Weavers” of Korbola, who spin the geometries of the Phi coming out of the quasite matrices into heart tone patterns. These ABKA or heart tone patterns you will find in the designs of buildings, clothing and art throughout Korbola and it's temple-cities. They are naturally occurring in the New Earth “Golden City” which is a reflection the Golden City forming in the brain. These images are simple yet the geometries and colors reflect the phi-tonal harmonic of the individual or in the case of the temple-cities, the collective.

Attuning to your Phi Quantum Healing Mandala

The more you look at your PQHM the more the retina's of your eyes will transmit the “Eye Language” (of Living Light Language or LLL) throughout your energy bodies. You can also place you hand on it or wear it on your body to receive as well.

I will create both a computer desktop version and a smaller printable version, sent to you through email.


This Phi Quantum Healing Mandala really speaks to me on a very deep cellular level. I feel it igniting stronger core resonances within my body and energy bodies and I just love gazing into it and experiencing the transcendental state it facilitates and enhances with in my awareness. I think you are really tapping into some powerful energies here with these Maia.
With Love ~
Simeon Chiron Nartoomid

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Phi Quantum Healing Mandala

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ThothHorRa speaks to me of the quasite temple-cities of Korbola (future New Earth planetary node)....

Quasite geometries are crystallized quasar bursts from the Crystal Quasar - a cosmic dynamic uniting all quasars in the universe, radiating within high-frequency crystalline sheaths, creating and controlling all quasars through a pure, undiluted Language of Light.

It is the quasite geometries which are the road maps for universal construction, down to the most minute particle. Our DNA uses this quasite road map to create, modify and expand it's crystalline helices.

The Amatrix angelic streaming flows through the quasite geometries to spin out phi geometries, which pattern specifically into a New Earth genome for the manifestation of Pure Gem soul merkabahs – our future human vehicles.

As the phi geometries spin out of the quasite geometric matrices they “hit” the “walls” of the denser quasite strands, giving each phi burst or pulse a tonal insignia (bounce sound) from that point in the quasite matrix. It is like a fingerprint and also a calling card to our DNA. It tells our DNA where to identify the “caller” in the myriad quasite halls of the matrices, and gives that DNA a specific universal reference point for “return to source.”

When we have an irregularity in the mind or body (illness, dis-ease), this registers as a glitch or tonal error in our “identification” of PHI...our DNA cannot determine the face-matching of the phi geometry to the quasite birthing that very minute portion which controls the wholeness of that particular area in the body. That tiny part of the Body-Phi is thrown out of sync with it's parent quasite node (the node being the point where the spinning set of phi bounces of the wall of the quasite matrix).

The mind then, receives a mixed signal from the DNA, telling it that the area which the phi tone is out of sync is to be shut down, as it cannot be identified in the records of universal continuum. When this occurs the tissues, cells or whatever that are not phi-sounding properly will often try to change it's structure to “find” the signal (tumors, cancers and other growths) or they will simply close-up shop and change energy form (die in our vernacular).

With lesser phi-tonal glitches often only mental quality is effected...confusion, depression or simply an increasing sense of dis-ease. This usually eventually accelerates to further mis-alignment of phi, shutting down passage for chi energy in the body, leading to physical disease.

Read more on quasite geometries, Korbola and the quasite Temple-Cities

The Golden City