The Alphabet of the Ark ~ Language of Metatron

akashically received by Maia with editing by Simeon Nartoomid

(from Temple Doors Issue 4 - 1997)

Inside of the following sacred symbols are inscribed upon alchemically altered golden plates which line the the Ark of Grace, an actual physical object designed by the Hierarchy to ground higher consciousness to the Earth. These sacred symbols are accompanied here with their correspondent vocables. The ‘Alphabet of the Ark’ is actually another version of what Thoth calls the ‘Aegis of Metatron. Each of these symbols / vocables has an angelic energy which is associated with it.

The Alphabet of the Ark

The Alphabet of the Ark is part of the ‘Language of Metatron,’an Archangelic alphabet. In the historic Kaballah there is mention of something called ‘eye writings,’ or ketav einayim. According to Thoth, the divine language form represented in the Alphabet of the Ark, is contained within the matrix of this greater Archangelic flame script. The actual ‘eye writings’ are composed of circles and lines in the form of small flames; an encoding of sorts.

The symbolic keys to moving into the higher worlds of consciousness lie within this Archangelic alphabet called the ketav einayim. This alphabet, or series of symbol codes, is representative of the higher template for creation. The higher intelligences, such as the Elohim creator beings, use this ‘template’ to project the elements of life itself into creations such as the planet Earth. An analogy to demonstrate this principle could be seen in the projection of a movie onto a screen by a high powered and focused beam of light coming from the projector. The projector and beam of light represent the Elohim creator beings’ consciousness, the celluloid and focusing device on the projector represent the ‘template’ and its synchronization function, the screen represents the ‘magnetic’ receptacle or matrix which will receive the higher image, and the image (movie) is the creation itself.

The ‘celluloid’ of the archangelic language has a function which also keeps the lesser creation in synchronization with the higher template, like the focusing device on the projector in our analogy. It is the harmonic resonance of these archangelic ‘letters’ with both the higher vibratory frequency patterns of God’s Name, and the elements of the lesser creation worlds, which allows this synchronization to occur. They act as an ‘intermediary’ transducer, much as a tuning fork which when struck, and then being brought into proximity of another tuning fork, will start the second fork to begin vibrating also. This occurs only IF the second fork is tuned to a resonant harmonic of the first tuning fork’s note or waveform. Now consider three tuning forks, each one of the second two tuned to a lesser resonant harmonic (slower vibratory frequency) than the one before it. Thus, when the first tuning fork is struck, and placed into proximity with the second, the second now begins to vibrate at its own frequency, and the third also being in the correct position will also begin vibrating at its own frequency pattern. Thus we can see that now we have three ‘levels’ of creation, all being put into motion from the first, or uppermost level, which vibrates at the highest frequency. So long as the other levels are ‘tuned’ or synchronized to the first in this manner, then the projection of the higher realm can occur in the lower. The slower vibration of the last tuning fork, is a perfect image of the vibration of the higher tuning fork, but the rate of its vibration per unit of time has been slowed down. This is a good simple model to demonstrate the principles involved in the ‘projection’ of the elements of this world from the higher worlds of intelligence. The Alphabet of the Ark is one such Archangelic language which serves as the middle tuning fork for us.

The sacred names of God as we know them on Earth, are composed of the Archangelic alphabet known as the ketav einayim, and also include the names of the angelic energies which themselves are serving the purpose and function of being the middle tuning fork and thus the language itself. These Sacred Names not only serve to provide the template for projecting the reality itself in the first place, but also to redeem it now as well. You see, the Earth creation has gotten to be like a tuning fork which no longer vibrates well to the divine tuning fork and its angelic intermediary. Thus, the Children of Light on the Earth must begin to attune themselves as the third tuning fork, to the intermediary angelic tuning fork, which then in turn brings them into resonance again with the ultimate divine tuning fork. In time, the entire creation can be brought back into this vibratory pattern through the efforts of the ‘Children of Light.’

The angelic vibratory codes held within the Archangelic language will increasingly integrate with our own genetic / consciousness forms as we prepare ourselves for the ascension, thus the ‘sound’ of these vibratory patterns will be incorporated into the matrix of the body of creation. The matrix in this context, is the vibratory pattern which is currently the basis for the totality of the creation. The word matrix however, represents various differing levels of consciousness patterning. The matrix or seal of the human ‘body’ consciousness which must be broken for this process to integrate at a cellular level, is correlative to the defiled 666 genetic code.

The Adam Kadmon is the ultimate divine template for humanity, but has also been tampered with by the Nephilimic overlords. It is now being resurrected, or reconstructed through the use of the vibratory patterns contained with the divine names, which are in turn formed from the Archangelic language(s). Thus as we incorporate these higher vibratory patterns into our own consciousness and genetic make-up, we become co-creators in the resurrection of the Adam Kadmon.

When we have come into high enough resonance with the frequency patterns of the Divine Names within our very own beingness, the pathway is then opened for the angelic beings holding these patterns, to project their image directly into your holistic body / mind / soul template, thereby bringing you the last distance across the upper threshold into your divine heritage: full expression of the Adam Kadmon template. The Adam Kadmon template is actually comprised of the myriad different archangelic codes for human manifestation arranged into the patterns of the many divine names.

A ‘name’ is but a specific arrangement of different frequency patterns, much like a tune is comprised of various notes strung together in harmony. Thus, the Adam Kadmon can be seen as a direct manifestation of the ‘Tree of Life.’ The sacred names (vibratory codes) held upon the ‘Tree of Life’ are continually being evolved to find the strongest frequency patterns, and the weaker ones which can be violated by fall en forces are then culled from the ‘Tree.’ This is the Tree of Life: it contains the highest and strongest frequency codes in the form of the Divine Names which the efforts of the Hierarchy have been able to obtain.

The experience of souls within half-light (Oritronic) worlds like Earth, provides an excellent arena for determining which of these frequency codes or Divine Names can be utilized to withstand the manipulative efforts of the  Luciferic Angelics who separated from the Divine Inscription, which we must remember also have been created to uphold the function of holding higher templates for reality. It is thus that they are able to rearrange these patternings to suit their own agendas, and then place them as overlays upon the Divine Templates, causing a confused pattern to manifest on Earth, not at all like the intended pattern put into place by the true Hierarchy of Light. Thus, the use of these Archangelic language patterns can re-activate our ‘tuning fork’ so that it vibrates with the true pattern once again, that of the Metatronic-Christic consciousness.

The Office of the Christ and the Office of Metatron, are Master consciousness thresholds. They exist on three different levels or functions in the dynamic of the sacred names (i.e. vibratory frequency patterns). This three-fold dynamic concisely defined is thus: Metatronic / holds pathways from the higher worlds to the Adam Kadmon worlds; Christic / holds pathways for human unfoldment into the full potential of the Adam Kadmon; Human / holds the pathways for the passage of Adam Kadmon manifestation on Earth (or similar worlds). In the latter, the Great Pyramid holds a key for the Earth to be able to access the Adam Kadmon frequency patterns in their undefiled state.

Thoth: There are many different circuits or pathways available for divine fire codes to be assimilated into a planetary reality such as Earth’s. One of them is what we are referring to as the Alphabet of the Ark. It is a specific Archangelic frequency pattern, with 24 main vibratory pathways, that aligns corporeal realms with the full-Ligh t (Metatronic-Christic) spiral in a specific path of viability relative to the core essence of Metatronic consciousness. The Ark of Grace is a sounding or tuning device for the human element in its integration with Metatronic consciousness, and this particular vibrational path of assimilation (the Alphabet of the Ark) was chosen by the Hierarchy for Metatronic consciousness to be returned to humanity.

The Alphabet of the Ark is encoded in ‘Alpha-Logic,’ versus other fire codes which are encoded in ‘Omega-Logic.’ Alpha Logic is a pattern that interfaces with the evolution of human logical mind processes, and can therefore be presented in correlative human language forms; whereas the Omega Logic interfaces only with Higher Mind principles incorporated in the soul, and cannot be associated with any corollaries in human language expression.

Thoth also tells us that the ketav einayim is the overall format for which 144,000 different archangelic language ‘stratum’ are contained within. Thus, the ketav einayim is formatted neither in Alpha nor Omega Logic, but contains both inherent within its overall design, and is beyond that type of definition. The Alphabet of the Ark was “chosen” as the most viable path of all the 144,000 available pathways, to work in synergy with a grounding device such as the Ark of the Covenant. Thoth tells us that there has never been any other of these available archangelic pathways used in conjunction with a device like an Ark on the Earth. However, some of the other 144,000 stratum, or Archangelic languages, have been employed in various ways in the Earth’s history, and will continue to provide additional pathways to the Greater Light.

The following was given my Thoth as part of the procedure for a sacred journey to Egypt that I (Maia Christianne) and our co-founder Simeon conducted in 1997. Thoth relates to us why this Archangelic language was to be utilized in the temples in Egypt, and why he assigned those who went on this journey specific ‘Ark Names’ comprised of 4 specific vocables put together from the Alphabet of the Ark, which we used in chants in the Great Pyramid.

Thoth: The chanting of the mantrams formed from the Alphabet of the Ark vocables which I have given, facilitated re-activation of the Metatronic-Christic consciousness codes within the sacred vaults of the Egyptos (Thoth’s name for Egypt), in order to recapitulate the Perfect ancient memory patterns contained therein, for future generational Light work.

The Sacred Ark Names are given as a means for the individuals on the journey to integrate more completely with the Metatronic-Christic full-Light spectrum through the archangelic language used in conjunction with the Ark of Grace, which is now stationed inside a chamber within Mt. Sinai. The ‘Path of Horus ~ Return to the Stars’ sacred journey was in essence, an opportunity for recapitulation of one’s human divinity accessed via a stellar coordinate (i.e. the Path of Horus) which moves through the portal of space / time limitations, and back into the Metatronic-Christic spectrum of full-Light consciousness. The initiatic ritual enactment of the ‘Return to the Stars’ which the participants of this journey embarked upon, while not being the true ‘physical’ passage, was nevertheless a measure of Divine Grace which can be imparted to the soul, should the individual choose to accept it fully. The sacred ‘Ark’ name we gave to each individual, was / is a tool for the seeker to employ in their efforts to merge once again with their higher dimensional presence.

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Alphabet of the Ark Symbols

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