The Dominion

In order that we, as spirit-charged organisms, may continue our species upon this planet, so we must acquire the lost sense of harmony that attunes us to all pulsing frequencies, habitation densities, and ether matrices which share our ocean of being.

Penetrating our life wave are the yet invisible forms for future delivery--bands of light patterns enhancing our equilibrium and altering our metabolism in ways too subtle to be impressed upon our conscious record, although profound in their influence on our progressive nature. 

Micro-organisms bend salient cones of ether nourishment into vectors compatible with animal/human brains reflexes, so that the more evolves species may survive in any energy sea primal enough to encompass the massive spectrum of life on this planet.

Entrenched within the depths of our own light bodies is the knowledge of our unity with all being--a totality beyond the physical rationales we reverently recognize. It is this duality in our spirit-versus-mass composition, the ambiguity of the knowing sense and the senseless knowing, that pushes us upward along the whirling spiral of evolutionary register. When we for a moment extend our tentacles to touch a flower, we have breached the chasm between our antecedence and the generation we shall one day usher from our seed to close the circle of unity among all things.

 The very plants at our feet radiate from disintegrating energy fields of once-living beings who have left to the vegetation habitat the shells of their bio-energy bodies to be re-absorbed and re-directed through the flora spectrum, back into the holographic whole of the earth's living pulse.

To the human element is ordained the inherent right of dominion over the distribution of spirit upon and through this sphere. It is a duty which has become dim in our short-sighted grasp of life. As a unit of God's principle, we must become once again absolute in our resolve to unify the spirit of earth  throughout its many-chambered hollows.  Like a Nautilus giving birth to the sea, we can only seek our beginning to find our future birth.

Sealed within the vegetal membrane of earth's flora, resides the tenacious seed-atoms of Light, which through tender cadence, attune our chakral rhythms to the plume of ether Light rising from the center of the planet and enveloping the globe, forming a placenta of guiding and nurturing focus. Without our company of plants we would not be able to fasten our rapidly sensing mechanism to the less complex Light field governing our life wave. We have become too specialized to respond to that sensitive, yet minutely subtle command, without the aid of the biological medium of vegetal life to translate, modulate and synthesize for us the resolute impulses of the etheric planet.



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