My friend in Israel gifted me with an incredible stone called a "Nebula Stone." Among all the many crystals and stone I have in my possession there is nothing quite so unique in energy and presence. The people (Ron and Karen Nurnberg) who offer these stones through the internet actually discovered them in Mexico. Their story is quite interesting. I have included a link to their website at the end of this article.

In their wilderness adventures this couple came across a valley that called to them. They write about it:

"We looked at each other and then the valley. We walked hand in hand through the golden fields ....not whispering a word. We reached the lower hills farther down the valley. We do not know how to adequately convey in words what we were feeling. Everything was lush and vibrant with many old trees watching over the valley. We felt as though we had entered a land of ancient times. This was a very special place...almost...magical.

It was here that we found the stone we came to call Nebula Stone. At our feet in the fresh sunlight were these beautiful stones shining with the morning's dew.

Holding one in our hand, we found them to be very smooth and felt gentle and soothing to the touch. They had cosmic green eyes (spherulites) floating in the glistening deep dark green (almost black) stone. The Stones had a look of elegance and depth and as we looked at the green eyes (spherulites), it looked as though we were peering into the night sky.

Some of the eyes in the stone were various shapes and sizes. Some appeared near, while others seemed to lie deeper in the Universe…like looking into the cosmos. Some appeared as spiraling Vortexes and swirling Nebulas and others as Earths, Moons and Galaxies, while the centers had crystallized forming star-like filaments of light vorticing towards the nucleus, with Quartz scattered throughout the stone... appearing as the Milky Way with Stars and Stardust.

The look of depth and elegance made each Stone unique."

Ron and Karen had some of these stones analyzed:

"We learned that It contained a rare unique combination of Quartz, Aegirine, Riebeckite, Anorthoclase, Acmite, Calcite and Zircon, Arfedsonite and other minerals "With numerous (microscopic) terminated Quartz Prisms (points) in the matrix". The stone is interspersed with nebula like formations of light green eyes in a deep, dark green background. The lighter white colored veining is self healed Quartz. There is no other Gemstone with the same combination of minerals. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it is about 6.5-7 hardness and takes a brilliant polish, with a toughness of jade ( It is tougher than Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond ) making it an excellent gem and carving material.

When we first found this stone, we did not know it would be a new carving Gemstone in the legendary Gem and Mineral Kingdom. Neither did we know that we would get calls and emails worldwide from Museums, Collectors, Jewelers, Retailers, lapidary enthusiasts, Carvers, and that it would become sought after also by Massage Therapists, the Spiritually inclined, the Esoteric and Metaphysical community, Psychics, Healers, Reiki Masters and by people who simply love stones."

When I (Maia) first held my Nebula Stone it was as if a very distinct portal opened inside me. Later holding the stone I saw in my mind very clearly a column of Light particles steaming down to Earth. When it touched the ground in the area Ron and Karen found the stones, it spread out and as it did tiny firefly-like beings (as I felt their intelligence) moved along the ground. Then cell-like pods of concentrated light seemed to build in little pools on the ground...where the "fireflies" were hovering. A shift occurred and suddenly no more fireflies. Instead tall, thin white light beings were floating-standing around the light pools on the ground. I could see large, light blue eyes in their somewhat elongated heads, but no other features. They were very much like luminescent clouds, although body shape could be detected.

I knew that these stones...these Nebula Stones...were being composed from Earth elements in this manner. What was the purpose? I later received that this was one of many cosmic interfaces being seeded on the Earth for the purpose of aiding in the raising of consciousness of humanity and the restoring of the Earth's elementation.

The Nebula Stones special function was to allow portals to open at the cellular level for passage of clearer and more refined Quantum Starlight Streaming (QSS) to occur in the body. I have written about with ThothHorRa calls "Quantum Starlight Streaming":

"QUANTUM STAR STREAMING is a streaming or pouring in of highly refined star light into the body. Actually it is always happening for everyone, however, when you focus upon it and ask for "re-calibration" it clears the circuitry for a new round of infusion."

I am finding that holding my Nebula Stone while I go through the QSSR (Quantum Starlight Streaming Re-calibration) is quite a powerful experience. It seems to amplify and refine the process.

I also hold the Nebula in my right hand while holding a Tibetan double-terminated crystal in my left hand. This is even better!

While we can of course access our inner being and the workings of the cosmos within us without the use of any crystals, stone or other physical tools, they can be quite helpful in giving us an additional boost toward that intention. All elemental things are of course made of the same starlight stuff as are well. So in that sense, crystals and stone are an extension of our bodies.

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