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The Theramid is not only the key to unlocking the most deeply held secrets within the Great Pyramid, but also within human DNA. Through the Adam Kadmonic "Middin Chamber" within humanity, the Theramid will activate the M-STRA molecule--an etheric molecule which holds the path of our return to Light within the DNA helixes.

Once the M-STRA is activated through the activity of the Theramid, the etheric envelope for what is being called "the twelve strand DNA" will begin to form in earnest. This will in turn reconnect our stellar memory circuits so that we can begin to create imaging that is correlative with the divine image and similitude on a biological level. In short, we will effectively be able to work in closer concert with the universal Hierarchy in reprogramming not only our own biological forms within the memory circuits of eternal life and Light, but the entire planetary genetic database as well. This is the ultimate manifestation of the Grail on earth, divinity fully received unto matter.





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