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Or-a'him Vehicles of Light Activate the Star of David Merkabahs for Primary Ascension

The Or-ahim Vehicles of Light Activate the Star of David / Star Tetrahedron Merkabahs for Primary Ascension Higher dimensional vehicles of Light from Orion, which The Initiate calls the Or-ahim, will come into our skies which will now be consumed with swirling diffuse clouds of myriad colors, and begin to create the pathways for primary ascension. By this time, the groupings of souls who worked with the transfer of the Planetary Genius will have returned into the Old World matrix, which is rapidly breaking up within its ancient fixed patterns. These souls cannot simply remain on the other side, as they do not yet have their assimilative codings to actually enter the New Earth Star. Thus far, they have been working with it but not in it. Thoth tells us that the Or-ahim are a form of Merkabic vehicle which links patterns of consciousness from various soul evolutions into one cohesive blueprint. Other Merkabic vehicles will be used, but it is the Or-ahim which will create the base programming and activation for transfer of the geophysical and biophysical relocations. The Initiate reveals that in the context of our planetary ascension, the Or-ahim will create a unified field in our space-time, allowing all other electromagnetic zones within our Earths spectrum to become present in one wave-form. Thus, we will see many beings among us and they will see us. All these who are adequately prepared ensouled ones, will share the ascension experience with us, as there will no longer be the separate zones or compartments to this fractured planetary consciousness as in the past. Included will be the Sidhe (ph. Shee) races of the Fairy beings, those residents of the Inner Earth and other ‘dwellers of our Earthen sphere who have until now, remained behind the veil...Such an unveiling will pose dynamic experiences, especially for souls who are then incarnated in more than one electromagnetic zone at a time. These souls will find themselves merging with their multi-forms and choosing an embodiment that is the ‘sum of all their outer expressions. The next process for the Or-ahim is to create stable fields within the chaos of the planetary dimensional break-down that is ongoing for the Old World form. These fields will still be ‘moving zones, that is, unfettered by what we comprehend as linear boundaries, and moving along with the current of events; yet they will become launching platforms, in that they will keep a similarity of wave movement in progress that gives the individual matter-form unit (i.e. rock or human) a directional signal to align to and follow, like a lock-on beam. The stability fields will be spun around the Golden Taya ascension zones on the Earth, where those who have chosen ascension await their migration. The now fully active Tetratryons in these zones will allow the process of creating the fields to unfold.

As the Or-ahim vehicles of Light hold the weaving of the stability zones in place, so they also create further insertions of Light thresholds into our dimension within the Golden Taya, allowing greater beings of Light to enter our domain without being of the same Light vibration. The supernal beings assisting the Earth in this phase, will prepare us spiritually and physically for our ascent through the Gate of the Star Grail and into the New Earth Star. They will begin the sequencing of Light code firings in our bodies which have been already greatly transformed by the LP-40 process thus far, and which will register the sacred Star of David configuration around our individual forms. Once activated, the Or-ahim will align the six-pointed David-star geometric into dimensional congruity with its vortices, causing it to become an eight-.This is the reformation of the body from the level of the cells, the hodzikal, meaning the 'spinning of the wheel.' The atoms in the corporeal human form will spin. Once in synchronicity with this vibration, the lifting will begin. While the geologic and biologic translocation of matter will be of a slightly different nature, and the human biophysical passage will also be separate in geometrical patterning from the other Earth species, all must go in synchronicity. That is not to say that all upon the Earth will lift simultaneously, but within each Golden Taya region, all geological and biological matter must proceed as a unit in ordered formation within separate but linking geometric Merkabahs. As humanity stands upon the threshold of a New World, what will be their state of heart, mind and body? Those who are to ascend into the New Earth Star will be in a dream-like and yet very real realm. They will be experiencing a powerful and delicious rushing of energy through their hearts and sense the connectiveness of all being to that center in their bodies. They will hum, they will sing in their cells with joy. The mind will be subordinate to the heart response. There will be mental clarity, but of singular focus. The mind will become a tool to augment the heart and body changes. It will not spill out into the past or the future, but stay absolutely entrained in the sensations and the knowing of the moment. The body will feel so light, so effortless and so attuned to its environment, that touch will become an unnecessary input system. Nothing will be absolutely solid, but will depend on the energy maintenance within the body. The mind, working solely as an ally of the heart, will be able to regulate passage through and into other matter-forms for the body nearly instantly. There will be no fear, no concern at this stage. Only the glorious freedom of 'now.' However, in a previous stage of the LP-40 process, the human being who has chosen ascension into the New Earth Star will be required to review his / her record in the akashic, both higher and lower, and move through a procedure guided by certain masters, which is designed to release the lower akashic patterning from the subtle bodies. This will have its challenging movements, although by this age, most New Earth Voyagers will have already done much of the work to release the lower akashic patterns their souls have harbored throughout time. Those incarnated soul sleepers who have not chosen the New Earth Star as their destination will experience only a tranquil trancing until the charge of the Rushing is received in their cells. It is then that they will be overcome with electrical voltage in their cells which will in effect, move them into the death transition. Yet there will be no pain. Many will leave their physical bodieSs and move into other world dimensions for incarnation on planets that can accommodate their spiritual evolution. They will remain for a time, within the half-Light Oritronic condition. Some will survive the electrical charge to continue to stay for awhile and watch that which takes place, but in a dream like wonder. Increasingly their vital body will dissipate until they finally take leave of the physical. Then there are the ‘walkers, the humans whose light bodies are either entirely ‘dead, which is true of a number of living people on the planet today, or barely visible in the etheric. These persons will not experience a shock at all, as they don't have enough subtle body connective membrane to hold the charge in their cells. They will notice a darkness, a heaviness around them. Breathing will become difficult and the heart rate will increase. Many will start to hyperventilate for awhile until they ‘adjust to the changes. They will still be disoriented. They will not know exactly who they are, or they may regress to another time in their lives, or even another lifetime. For them it will be much like the symptoms of Alzheimer's are today, only much more multi-dimensional in scope. This will be due to the deterioration of the lower akashic where all such memory, logic and orientation is stored for the planet. Those in bliss won't care. Those in preparation to ascend will no longer be drawing from the lower akashic, but entirely from the higher planetary records. It is important to understand that even within this category there are two levels of human involvement. Both have little or no light bodies, but such a condition can be caused in various ways, of which this article is not meant to encompass. Suffice it to say, that the deterioration or loss of an active light body does not automatically infer that this particular soul is saturated in negativity or evil. In fact, some of the once-foremost Light workers of the planet have allowed themselves to lose their light bodies through lifetimes of denial and unnecessary guilt; or in some cases, unwise but well intentioned experiments with energy systems that caused them astral and subtle body damage. There are others however, who have little or no light body because of deliberate and malicious acts that were against Divine Order.




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