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The Sacred Rushing

As the atmosphere of Earth receives more Ultra-matter through the blue hole and the building of itons and Tetratryons, the central sun atoma at the center of the Earth will begin to respond by increasing its sounding. This sound or humming like a hive of bees will already have been in progress intermittently for many years, but at this point in the ascension process, it will fully come alive. Humans and animals will hear this sound, not with their ears, but in the center of the brain. Whereas before the sound had been annoying and indefinite in where it was located in the body, now it will become very focused in the brain and will create a sense of euphoria in all animals and most persons on the planet. Some humans, who are drastically out of touch with their spiritual bodies (i.e. higher Light forms) will become confused, frightened and finally, paralyzed. However, most humans will not experience such trauma. Some will simply move into a blissful trance state. Those who are ready to make the transition into the New Earth Star will become more focused within their higher mind, and less attached to the lower magnetic body. For them, the experience will be as one who is just preparing to leave the body and move into the tunnel of light as is experienced during the death transition. They will have a heightened sense as to the supernal world. By this time on Earth, those who will ascend will have already been either consciously or unconsciously drawn to the Golden Taya lands, which are the ‘arks of Earth for this transition. Any other souls and land areas will not be going through the stargate. Those whom will not be passing through the stargate will be held in bliss, and be moved through the death process at various points before and during the breakdown of the remaining planetary grid after the ‘ark stations of the Golden Taya and their corresponding plant, animal and human cargo have passed through the 44:44 stargate. There will be some souls of fewer number, who are in a state of fear and confusion who will also move through the death of the body, but with a greater trauma to the soul. Those who ascend will also die to this world, but they will not go through what we understand as death, even though there are strong similarities in the experience. They will have managed to take their form with them, and in doing so will have set the entire trapped matter realm of Earth free. Those portions of the old Earth in both biological and geological expressions, which do not become a part of the New Earth Star will collapse into a black hole state after an approximate 30 day entropic cycle. All souls left within this entropy will incarnate into other half-Light worlds, being given the opportunity to evolve back to the ascension stage in their future. As the sound of the humming increases, ancient Elohim beings will fill the aether of this world and be seen and heard as brilliant moving choruses of Light in the sky and upon the surface of the waters. The Elohim are Universal Creator Beings. These specific Elohim have been cocooned in the Earth since its formation. Now they awaken to complete its current creational phase, that of death and rebirth into the New Earth Star.




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