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Gaiavatha  & the Planetary Genius

When the sounding of the central sun Golden Rose reaches a certain stage in progression, a wave of golden light, known as the ‘Gaiavatha, will updwell from the atoma of this sphere and enter all matter which is then resonant with the 44:44 octave of ascension. This golden light, which will be plainly visible to the human eye at that time, contains all the Light codes of the Earth, even those portions that will not go through the Stargate. These codes will be impregnated within the ascending matter to be carried as a full hologramic insertion into the New Earth Star. Next, certain soul groups of this Earth who are about to begin the Exodus will interact as hosts for various aspects of planetary disassembly. Some of these souls will take up their forms at this time and move as vanguards through the stargate. Others will pass through the spiraling abysses of lower magnetic energy within the Earth that are being separated from the higher Light, allowing that Light to be redeemed through the stargate. These cesspools of lower magnetics will be powerful, pulling on the loosening fiber of linear weave in matter, trying to re-organize it and bring it back into the old forms. Those ensouled humans who will pass through it must have been prepared for this experience through lifetimes of working with the cellular fire in the body and the magnetic alignments in matter. They will know, they will feel, the insertion points through which they will slip through into the core of the Earth. Once they have moved through these dark portals, they will use their own magnetic threads which have now loosened from the old magnetic grids, to attract the ‘Planetary Genius from the Earths central sun atoma. The Initiate on the Planetary Genius: "It is the completed thought form containing the identity of consciousness for your World Domain from its Alpha through Omega (beginning to end). It is untainted, free of all illusion, and yet it is not omnipotent, as it defines and identifies, therefore it has a distinct polarity, and that polarity is to qualify and preserve the Eschaton of the Earth."

 Rowena P Kryder's ‘Gaia Matrix Oracle defines Eschaton thus: "The Earth is a wisdom body. Gaia has the perennial tradition at her core. Eschaton means 'the last things'. All can be consumed except the truth, represented by the New Earth Spiritual World....The phase of Eschaton is an illuminative, fiery, spiritual consummation of the earth and all beings within and upon her." 

Once the Genius is attached to the biophysicals who will become the transporters, these human biophysicals will lift the Planetary Genius out of the atoma and carry it in a Merkabah Light train to the surface of the planet and through the stargate. A grouping of Earth souls who have already passed through the stargate will wait on the other side to receive the Genius. This receptive group will have been holding the matrix of Light for the delivery, as these souls who are recovering the Planetary Genius move through the dense magnetic pools and into the Holy of Holies within the Earth. As the two groups come together, the exchange will be made, and the Genius. The synergy involved for the retrieval and re-insertion of the Planetary Genius is one that is orchestrated through a cohesive network of Divine Command. It is true that there is a possibility of some souls entrusted with the duty of retrieval not making it through the magnetic abyss and into the Earth. Those who pass through into the interior however, will proceed back through, as they will then have the Planetary Genius with them and be able to abide in its powerful envelope of Light. Yet let us address the fate of those who may not make it through the portal of descent in the first place. These souls will not be destroyed, nor will they be damaged. Angelic hosts will be with this grouping of souls, guiding them into the interior. If an ensouled human falters, so an Angelic (or several) will take him up from the sea of darkness. They would not perish. They would then be brought into the gatherings on Earth, to his appointed place of inscription. Another ensouled human will take their place in the synergic unit of retrieval. Understand that this effort is not a testing. By this time, such challenges to the soul involved will have already been met. All souls who take part in retrieval and re-insertion of the Planetary Genius will be under a state of Grace during the process. The Shepherd does not desert his lambs. For those who will by then be moving toward ascension into the New Heaven, so the Good Shepherd will be among them. Once the Planetary Genius is inserted into the New Earth Star, the true migration may begin.




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