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Instruction in the Master Temples

In this stage of development, the New Earth Star inhabitants will gather in temples of learning which vibrate to the ‘chord' within the individual that is in resonance with the ‘Seal of Light' placed upon their forehead at the Ascension. As each soul passes through the Ascension ‘Star Grail' (Stargate), they will be given a seal or signature within their brow chakra (6th) which identifies their ‘Master Template', which is that form of higher mind intelligence and wisdom that has guided their soul through many cycles of experience. Certain Master beings such as those we identify as Jesus (Yeshua), Thoth, St. Germain, Kuthumi, etc., are the overseers of these Master Templates. Thus, when a soul leaves the old Earth behind, they bring with them a particular allegiance to a specific Master Form that is resonant with their ‘Seal of Light'. Even though the Master Template may be resonant to several Master Beings, through their own inner choice the individual human will align with a specific ‘Master' - usually one with which they have had repeated experience in the past. Their Seal of Light will draw them to the Temple of that particular Master Being. As an example, under Thoth this will be the Temple of Aramu.  Within the chosen Master's Temple, one will often have direct, physical contact with that Master incarnate. The initiates of the Temple will be opened to their inner wisdom as it was bestowed upon them in the Aeon of Light Inscription of the First Earth (the ancient Earth in its first stages of development). After a time, the New Earth Star inhabitants will begin to interact with other Temples and Masters, until they move freely through all resonant fields of New Earth consciousness.