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Love & Partnership

Much like in our present world, there will be those souls who are ‘paired' in sacred partnership, and those who are at least temporarily without a life partner. However, in the New Earth there will be no hectic search for a partner, for life will be fulfilling in and of itself. There will be a natural inclination toward such union and life partnerships will be prevalent, for true male-female union will come into bloom within the New Earth. While there will still be a form of sexual expression, it will not be for the purpose of pro-creation, as life will ‘manifest' and not need to undergo gestation, birth and growth. Sex (in a more sublime state) will be solely reserved for the highest expression of loving embrace within the cellular component. There will be no lower desires attached, as the etheric vibration of this new world simply will not register at that level. The reptilian part of the human brain will have been disengaged and transmuted in the process of ascension, and with it the frequencies of lesser desires of all kinds. Higher sexual frequencies will remain in the body, but these cannot be triggered by lust any longer in the new reality. They are awakened only by the higher desires of the cellular consciousness to unite with opposite gender consciousness that is a ‘match' to their own polarity. In other words, these sublime feelings will be brought forth by the ‘kiss of the Divine' - that expression of the opposite polarity embodiment who best mirrors the individual's spiritual continuum in that lifetime. While most such partnerships will experience longevity, they may not necessarily be ‘forever', for there will be no ‘death' in the New Earth, only a change of vibration to end one life cycle and begin a new one. At that time if not before, sacred partners may choose to release that type of relationship with their current beloved and move into another partnership experience. Some however, may remain together throughout a great many lives. Since there will be a higher degree of spiritual union between the two in a love relationship, in most cases both of the individuals involved will be in agreement to either continue or separate. The New Earth will not be ‘perfect' however, and there will possibly still be some emotional pain and feelings of separation to be transmuted, especially in the first stages due to the ‘magnetic imprinting' that may make its way through the ascension process ‘piggyback style' upon atomic substance vibrating at high enough rates to transport. Despite this possibility, it will be as a virtual Paradise compared to our current reality.




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