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Individual Living

After the newly revivified humanity has received ‘orientation' and basic guidance from the Master Beings and Angelics, they will seek their own lives within the New Earth Star community. Living will be far more communal than on the old Earth, but there will still be a degree of individuality present, and therefore (for some more than others) a need for one's own ‘sacred space'.

While many will live in what Thoth calls the ‘gathering halls' or communal living places, others will choose to locate themselves in more secluded enclaves, what we would relate to as small towns. However, regardless of whether a soul finds themselves in the gathering halls or enclave type setting, there will be a far more cohesive flow of energy in the dynamic of the masses. The communal and community ‘gatherings' will never be of more than two or three thousand people in one place, often being as few as five or six individuals. Also, upon a ‘manifesting plane', there is always enough ‘room', so the limited numbers at the gatherings will not be as a result of space limitations, but rather the balance that has been struck. People will not be dependant on living in or near work locations, as there will be no ‘work' required as a condition of sustenance. There will be activity certainly, but for the purpose of building a more cohesive spiritual consciousness, and not day to day survival. New Earth humans will be drawn t o the appropriate size community / communal gathering to properly utilize their spiritual gifts and resources for the betterment of the whole. This will of course, be determined through the choice of the individual and can be changed at any time. Once a soul feels that they have fulfilled one aspect of their service, they may re-locate to another gathering or enclave. Some persons will travel extensively in their service, others will stay more within their chosen location.

It is important to realize that adjacent to our current Earth reality, there are already ‘alternate realms' which are spawned from the same sacred Gaia that places Her life within us. Some of these ‘alternates', like the astral worlds, are very much akin to the New Earth Star in their etheric register, which is not to be confused with their SPIRITUAL register. The main difference in what the New Earth Star will offer the souls of the old Earth, is that the ‘leaden weight' that holds all these realities (physical, alternate physical and astral) together will be transmuted into full-Light frequencies, thereby eliminating the anchor that holds the whole Earth continuum from attaining the Greater Evolution. Some alternate and astral worlds of Earth contain a ‘bridging' mechanism into the Metatronic full-Light spectrum that this half-Light physical realm does not. These subtler worlds of the old Earth cannot fully cross that bridge however, until the ‘leaden weight' is transmuted into the refined alchemical gold of the Higher Heavens. Thoth likens those souls currently within these partial Metatronic aspects of Gaia, unto the winged maiden who reaching into the heavens, spreads her gossamer pinions and takes flight, only to be suspended in mid-air with her toe caught by a tenacious crab in the waters below.




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