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The Heart Ascension

Since all time is ‘Now' and all experience is ‘One', individuals in the current world consciousness may access the essence of the New Earth Star before the actual ascension. Call upon your angels, mentors and faerie friends to help you, for they are the windows and doors to the realm of Light. It is possible that you are already embodied in an alternate realm of Earth which is far more aligned to the New Earth Star as well. Allow your current thought stream to move beyond linear boundaries and embrace this possibility, seeking communion with your alternate self and experience in that realm. Even if you currently have no alternate self, you may create one in the adjacent manifesting realms of Earth. Such meditation and communion will aid you in being where you need to be in the NOW, which is becoming the New Earth Star within. This is what the Heart ascension is all about. As Thoth explains, it is the ascension of the Heart that must precede the planetary ascension. While the Heart ascension must be attenuated via pure Heart-centered consciousness, through our intention and actualization of living this pure expression of the Divine, it can also be ‘called forth' through direct inner planes contact with its essence. This is one way to open to the path of Grace, for it is Grace that is the rarified essence of Love, and thus the New Earth Star will truly be a world of GraceLight.




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