Children of the New Earth Star


While birth and growth will not be experienced in the New Earth Star reality, there will nevertheless be some children present. At first, there will be those embodied souls who were children at the time of the ascension. They will not continue to ‘grow' as we understand it, but will appear more adult as they become less associated with the old growth patterns which will be then fading from their cellular memory. Instead of growing bio-chemically, they will be remembering, and therefore creating increasingly mature forms through direct thought manifestation.

Also, and for a greater period of time, some souls assuming new forms will choose childlike bodies, which they will advance to different stages of ‘maturity' as they so choose. There will also be those souls who still need to experience ‘childhood' for awhile just for the sake of having a fulfilling one, which is also a form of healing certain cellular memory imprints. Remember, the New Earth is a realm in which manifestation will occur through pure thought projection, so any remaining latent desires and unfulfilled deeper needs that the soul did not transmute coming through the ascension process, will at first be experienced so they can be cleared relatively quickly.



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