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Birthing Temples

As embodied souls move through the 44:44 Stargate into the New Earth Star, they will be contained within the ‘Birthing Temples' for a time. These are consciousness shells that appear as walls of crystalline light. Inside the ‘temples' humans will experience a nurturing environment where they will be in the company of friends, loved ones (including those who had been released from physical life before the ascension), and ‘assistants' - those beings of higher Light who will assist these soul's migration and adjustment to the New Earth Star reality.

Some from among the old Earth's population that have newly arrived will be less in need of this healing and re-orientation than others. The ‘better adjusted' souls will be instructed in how to serve their companion New Earth dwellers in their recovery from the transition. Souls who have been disembodied for awhile before the ascension will have new matter and light bodies, as will their physically-ascended companions. The old Earth is in a gross-physical state, while the New Earth will be in a subtle state of the physical dimensions. Those who have been disembodied, and therefore in the astral worlds of Earth for a period of time prior to their embodiment in the New Earth Star, will have a keener sense of the subtle physical quality of the new reality. In many ways the new world will be much more akin to the astral worlds than it is to the grosser physical nature of the earth we live in now. Also, there will be those from the astral plane that have already been working within Numis-Ohm - the transitional realm, in preparation for the New Earth Star reality of the future. There will also be souls who will have been incarnated within alternate physical realities (as opposed to astral realities) prior to the Ascension. These souls will find little difference at first in this new world.

During the soul's time within the Birthing Temples, the first stages of truly deep body-soul healing will occur. This will be a period for pure relaxation and the development of new senses and feelings. Humanity, long-deprived of its sense of true unconditional love, will come to experience what it is like to truly love and be loved once again.




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