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Secondary Ascension

As the Voyagers, those self-chosen and now prepared souls who have gathered in the Golden Taya land areas move through the stargate, so the secondary ascension will begin, even as the primary is still ongoing. The secondary ascension will be conducted as an Eleventh Hour reclamation of souls who were not prepared for the First Wave transfer, but with some guidance and energy Light work, can make it through the portal and into the New Earth Star. Many of those souls who have already gone through the First Wave, will come back into the Old World to help work with and ‘lift the souls who are able to move through the stargate with their help. These souls ascending in the Second Wave will be from among the 'Sleepers' and the 'Walkers', those who are in a deep trance state and those who are wandering in a semi-dark world, confused and frightened. They will be the ones who in that moment, have a spark, a flickering desire to move into the Light. Unfortunately, those who have entirely energetically dead Light bodies simply cannot be reached, even if their souls are not cast with the dark forces. However, some will have very marginally operating Light bodies, and from among these, there will be those who choose ascension as they near the end of their world. These will be given specific reinforcement through higher Light channels, as the First Wave ‘Helpers guide them through the passage. The Helpers will already have been inscripted and therefore can enter and exist in the New Earth Star moving through the portal freely for awhile, before the Old Word entropy escalates to a degree that will cause the portal between Old and New to be sealed. Even so, the Helpers will meet certain resistance in the force fields as they move back and forth. It will require energy from their newly defined biosystems to accomplish this movement. Many of the Sleepers will be guided through and fewer of the Walkers. In the entire count of First and Second Wave, only approximately 40% of the then currently incarnated humanity will be taken up into the Pillar of Light, Angelics will be among the Old World inhabitants as they move through their various experiences in the Final Days. They will act as sentinels of Light and Beauty for the marshaling of divinity within our souls.




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