The following is excerpted from issue 1-80 of "the Source" publication--channeling by Maia (then Christine Hayes), now within the Thoth Archival material.


A 1980 Overview of the Inner Earth & it's Population

We will be viewing the customs, social structures, spiritual symbology, scientific perspective, and historical origins of a world within our own, independent of us in visible ways, yet interdependent with in the essential, and often invisible, bonds of human/earth symbiosis. In this latter regard, we are not exploring a world separate from ours, but our own heart in which the most volatile expressions of our ancestors still was genetic memory into our bloodstream. We share with them the mind of Earth and the plunge, submerging our souls into the baptismal fire and ice of living matter. We are the fruits of the same vine, harvested in different fields of the one soil. The people of the Central Earth Cultures in sanctuary beneath us are, in a sense, ourselves had we not chosen the harsh existence in which we now abide. These advanced human beings, dwelling within the Earth's sphere, have become living shadows of the Lost Races of Antiquity, whose civilizations once thrived upon the ground which we now walk. In future Quarterlies, I will focus in magnification upon the varied knowledge now accessible to us within their vaults of time. These our Inner-Earth brethren, say to us, "Mankind of Earth cannot hope to visit distant portals of the stars until he is granted his inheritance of the lost generations on inheritance which awaits him through the acknowledgment and communion with his brethren of the Heritage of One, in sanctuary within the Central Domain of Earth."

"The Ultra-terrestrials whose origins are one with earth have worked in harmony with the Inner and Outer Earth Worlds so that the two are one world, together in the heritage of their common ancestors. Only then will mankind of Earth be presented before the throne of Universality and be received among the Congress of the Equilibrant Worlds. Long a silent chord, the Heritage of One now arises from the sea, for time has given her voice in the New Day."

These "people" of the Central Earth cavity are our human family, much closer to the highly intelligent and spiritualized ancestors of our past than are we. They are physical, living, ensouled beings, who's molecular structure is attuned to a more rapid atomic oscillatory rate than our biosystems, and is therefore in a subtler state of spiritual-physical evolution.

THE PEOPLE OF THE ARK... The Central Earth Subterreaneans are divided into tribes and clans within tribes, but altogether they are the "Ayria," the Surviving People or The People of the Ark. (Note from the 21century: The word "Ayria" means to "become as the sea" or rather to be one with the All. It in no way is related to any one race of people. The People of the Ark are composed of all current surface earth races. Naturally, in a relatively small community of people, as that which composes the populace of the Interior, the genetic strains have taken on their unique designs through the eons.)

THE CLANS AND CONGRESS OF THE HERITAGE OF THE ONE... there are twelve tribes within the interior of the Earth. As the Caretakers, they hold the genetic bonding to the past.

The Surviving People, the Ayria, uphold their laws out of spiritual unity and not out of fear or through force. There is a freeness of spirit among them that is not confined in dogma. With this natural seeking, the Twelve Tribes have formed Clans within each Tribe.

CENTRAL CITIES...There are no state or national divisions within Subterreanea, but a network of cities has been established within culture frames. These culture cities are scattered and not collected in groups of the same culture behind boundary lines.

THE GREAT MEDICINE SOCIETIES...The mechanism for inner-tribal and inner-cultural unity among the Surviving People are "The Great Medicine Societies." They are eight in number, each involving a particular branch of Spirit-Life energies. The Societies are channels for shamanistic association with the Devas or Nature Spirits.

[1] Rain Society - centered upon the meteorological nature spirits such as air, cloud, thunder, lightening, rain, wind, etc.

[2] Dolphin Society - focuses on the nature powers of the seas, rivers, lakes.

[3[ Butterfly Society - acts within the vestments of the Devas of all flying creatures.

[4] Willow Society - harmonious with the earth's trees and flora.

[5] Fire Stone Society - concerned with internal powers of the earth, stone, lava, tectonic plates and acu-nodes, and with the alchemical knowledge and healing energies of crystals.

[6] Sacred Corn Society - active in the generative energies of the domestic harvest.

[7] Bear Paw Society - the most secret in doctrine, dealing with the Devic presences and powers of all land mammals. In its "Medicine Power" beliefs it encompasses much more, having evolved into the understanding of man's role as a "mammal" of earth.

[8] The Society of the Blue Mantle - This, the most sacred of the eight societies, deals with the Christ Flame and its evolution upon and within the Earth. The combined power of the eight Medicine Societies is released through their symbol of the Thunderbird. This is the masculine symbol of the germinating seed carried in the ether. The "Perfect Principle" of Spirit-Life is seen embodied in the Spruce Tree, which is the matriarchal density of the elements taken root in and committed to the Earth. Thus, the Thunderbird as the Medicine Power or the germination; and the Spruce Tree as the Perfect Principle, the Spirit-Life Crucible; together are the archetypes of all morphic projections within the homogeny of the sky-Earth Tribes.

A prospective initiate to the Great Medicine Societies must gain a certain amount of insight, and exhibit good deeds through word and action before he or she is received into any of these Societies, and many belong to all of the first six listed here. The latter two cannot be joined until the initiates have been received into the other six in whatever order they deem appropriate. Then only through spiritual testing can initiates be gathered into the Bear Paw, and finally the Blue Mantle. Societies are guided by "Illuminaries" or Master Teachers They are thus able to lessen their physical density at will and transform their bio-systems as they so choose, both for limited periods of time. The Illuminaries are still attached to a system of genetic and atomic elemental group in, yet they are able to exert far more control over their bodies than most Subterreaneans and certainly far more control than surface inhabitants. Most of the Illuminaries have not been physically born, but have manifested their physical bodies through their own knowledge of atomic solidarity. Often they assume a genetic system in which they were contained in a previous life which is harmonious with their present Spirit-Life purpose. While an Illuminari must maintain a 'bio-matrix," or a specific bio-system, for the most part of his "life,"he can change this form at will to any other form compatible with his Spirit-Life being, including other past life incarnations, but always he must return to his chosen bio-matrix after a limited time period, until a future date when he chooses another bio-matrix to sustain him. Such choices are not random or whimsical but comply with the sensitive karmic and spiritual flow of the individual Illuminari's soul pattern. Through the Illuminaries, the Great Medicine Societies are guided by the understanding of the principles of Nature and the Nature Spirits, both subordinate and sublime, of the Veiled Garden of the Devas, yet another world within our own.

ESOTERIC ORDERS... There are a great number of Esoteric Orders woven into the life system of the Sky-Earth homogeny. The People of the Ark are the central thread in the weave of the many colored Earth Blanket. Each Culture Frame has its Sacred Orders which have been watchfully preserved throughout the centuries. This esoterica is not as open to the People as are the Inner-Tribal Medicine Societies. Only those initiates selected through several life missions of experience are received within these Orders. The initiate of a Central Earth Sacred Order must himself be a Master through the ages within one or more areas of spiritual service. The Sacred Orders do serve the People as a whole by establishing special services of humanitarian and spiritual import.

There are two major Esoteric Orders within the interior world which are the most ancient of this entire planet and which spawned the most sacred of doctrines for Holy Surface Orders of Old; the masons and Rosicrucians among them. One of these primary orders is THE ORDER OF THE MASTER BUILDERS. They are the Master Architects of such awesome design as the Pyramid of Giza, and through their blueprints, was erected Stonehenge and other scientific clocks in stone. From out of the mouth of the 'ILLUMINED' came all Holy Orders of Earth consciousness. It is the greatest of Esoteric Orders on or within the Earth. Only the Illuminaries hold stations within the "ILLUMINED.' There are special recognitions bestowed on the mortal humans by this Highest Order, but such is a rare honor. Surrounding the core of the 'ILLUMINED' is the 'College of the Illumined" into which most seekers of enlightenment, who are earnest in their effort, are accepted. The "College of the Illumined" is not a physical gathering but a condition of spirit and mind visited upon the initiate by the Illuminaries of the ILLUMINED as a cloak of protection and guidance by the spiritual power. It is difficult to comprehensively describe the ILLUMINED, as it is unlike any other spiritual Order of Earth's subscription. It is, in actuality, not an "Order" unto itself, but the inertia of all spiritualized esoterica. It is not related to the use of the words Illumined or Illuminari as is given on the Surface World to represent a negative element of esoteric power. Sacred words and symbols are sometimes stolen from their gilded cages and attempts are made to pirate their rights to ancient sovereignty. This was true of the symbol of the Four Sacred Directions known to the North American Indian for centuries, yet claimed by the Nazis in the 1930's as their banner to influence a blazing scar on the earth. Disgraceful acts, hidden behind sacred symbols, do not vanquish the sacredness of the original intent of the Holy Word or Symbol. Spiritual ties cannot be violated in truth, but only within the mind's own perception. The ILLUMINED is this planet's single most pristine Guardianship for the Heritage of the One.

PRIESTHOODS...The Great Medicine Societies extend the understanding of the Sacred Nature Plane, which is synonymous with the Great Source of Being, into every phase of the People's life Experience. The Esoteric Orders supply the guardianship of ancient records and power so that they may be executed wisely for the benefit of present and future generations. The Priesthood is then the last face upon the spiritual totem. The Priests and Priestesses are placed in service to the College of the Illumined to administer to the People in their Culture Frame and differs slightly according to that Culture.

EDUCATION...The whole process of the Spirit-Life Medicine Wheel, which is the most sacred symbol of the Sky-Earth Tribes, is a progression of education. For specialized learning in such fields as physics, history, music, etc., there are Centers of Learning or Universities open to all people of all Cultures and ages. There is no requirement for entrance. These Centers are largely self-educative, containing vibra-records, three-dimensional photographs, motion pictures, vision projectors and other varied selections through which self-instruction is possible. In addition, there are Master Instructors at each Center to administer personal instruction when needed.

For the children there is the "Circle of the Rainbow," a preparatory education assembly for youths to ready for entrance into their first Society for which they are eligible at the age of twelve. Even when a twelve year old is accepted into his or her first Society [although eligibility does not insure immediate acceptance] he is continued through the "Circle of the Rainbow" until he reaches the age of sixteen. There are also special "Circle of the Rainbow"Masters at the Centers of Learning to guide children in their self-learning at these Universities open to all ages.

GUILDS...The Guilds supply the Craftsmen [and women] skills from a heritage Craftsman before them. Most of the crafts have been continued in their original form since the days in which the Lemurian and Atlantean Empires shone in the light of the Solar Sun. There is a very strong sense of esoterica connected to the Guilds which binds them to the Sacred Orders in so far as the application of the Secret Principles are applied in Ancient Crafting. Ship Crafting, for instance, is one of the most treasured arts, relying heavily on the Secret Principles. The sea ship is considered by the Surviving People as a most venerated and almost sacred vessel; for deep within their genetic emotions turns the memory of the great cataclysms which devoured kingdoms of the surface world, leaving nations powerless, casting the ancestors of the People into the black rage of a wounded sea. Had it not been for the sea ships, given strength and power by their crafters, the Spirit-Life of the People would not have come into the Sanctuary beneath the Central Sun. Each Ancient Craft is held in reverence for its continued contribution and faithfulness to the People. It is as if the Crafts were in themselves entities of their ancestor's Spirit-Life, entwined like an umbilical cord through the birth canal of the generations proceeding them.

STARCRAFTERS...Starcrafting is an unique skill which does not operate within a Guild and is not ancient to the Central Earth Tribes. it is a combined effort of the Central Earth inhabitants and their ultra-terrestrial cousins, guardians of this planet, through which the building, maintenance and operation of Star Crafts (space ships) is accomplished. The Sky-Earth Tribes do not have an advanced understanding of stellar travel simply because they have no desire to accelerate in that field of knowledge. However, their ultra-terrestrial relations did convince them centuries ago that certain forms of "sky travel" would be beneficial to the People. As a result of the co-operation between the two parts of Unimanity, the personages from other worlds and the People of our interior planet, selected Inner-Terrestrials who showed advanced comprehension of stellar sciences to be accepted into the apprenticeship of "Starcrafting." Since that first union of effort many Inner-Terrestrials have achieved the status of Master Crafters in this ultra skill. While Ultra-terrestrials still maintain a guiding presence within the Starcrafting, Inner-Terrestrials have by now assumed most authoritative positions in the Starcraft Legion. The Starcraft Legion operates as a surveillance system and an input-output assembly for geological and atmospheric study of both inner space and the immediate space surrounding the planet Earth. Like the giant tortoise, the People carry us on their backs, and contemplate our future along with theirs, for ultimately, the two are inseparable. They call us "The People of the Tortoise Shell."

HEALTH AND REJUVENATION...There are very few illnesses known to the Central Earth Tribes, most of them are seen as the individual's karmic wish and are curable. Old age is non-existent as through a rejuvenation process none suffer from this worst of maladies. Their natural environment is a great aid in slowing cellular deterioration. The light spectrum is different from the surface world's and not as hard on the physical system. Illuminaries are exempted from rejuvenation techniques as they are able to be in harmony with the cells of their bodies. When a Subterranean feels that he has accomplished enough in one body he ascends that form to continue his being on another place of experience, or to be re-born.

POPULATION...Because of the aforementioned birth regulation, and the smallness of the enclosed territory of Subterranea, the populace is maintained at approximately twenty-five million persons, which does not include the populace of the Colonies and Lost Cities existing in the Caverns between the Surface and Interior Worlds. The reproductivity of the flora and fauna is controlled through the High Order Devas, who sustain a communing harmony with the People through the Great Medicine Societies. This is a vital communion to the Interior Civilizations. The purity of the environment is rich in oxygen and negative ions, producing vitality and longevity. It is blanketed by thick mineral-laden soils, and an abundance of the purest, most nutritionally balanced spring water known to this planet. Consequently, the lands of the Subterranea are a fertile terrarium of life. In the Outer Realm the door of understanding between the Nature kingdom and the Human kingdom has been closed. In the Interior World this door is open and a full bright river of nature's spirit rushes through into the human embrace. This is as it is meant to be, for mankind is the artist whose design is woven into every crest of nature. Yet the Surface brethren have abandoned their gifted craft and shut themselves away from that part of their Spirit which moves the Earth through Natural Order. (A 21st century footnote: the desert regions of the inner terrain are maintained in order to balance the eco-system of an enclosed world.)

MIGRATION...Throughout the Earth's tumultuous history, cultures have entered and surfaced upon the planet in waves of human tide. These migrations left the sediment of their impressions on the Surface World like the mineral rings in a tree, leaving behind seed for new civilizations, taking with them the primary knowledge of mankind. The last major migration was during the final dissolution of Atlantis as she plunged her fiery heart into the fathomless well of the Atlantic. From this Great Migration many paths were taken, several of which ultimately led into the Inner-Earth Domain.

COLONIES AND LOST CITIES...There are several Colony Cities located in the cavern regions between the surface and Inner Domain on both sides of the "Skull Plate." These colonies were formed from displaced Surface Dwellers in the many migrational surges to the core. For differing reasons, migrations never journeyed as far as the Central Cavity. These Colony Cities are still a part of the Central Earth Homogeny.

There are several Lost Cities which became isolated from the other Colonies centuries ago. These City Kingdoms are minute empires unto themselves and their people are no longer a part of the Great Family Order of the Central Earth Tribes. Some of the Lost Cities are not even aware that other Colonies or the Central Earth Cavity of the planet exists. The Central Earth Tribes have chosen not to encounter the People of the Lost Cities until a future age, when the widening of their world dimension would be more acceptable to the inhabitants of these solitary dominions.

In order to understand how the Central Earth interacts with us, we need to draw our attention to the core of the planet and move upward from that center through the layers of matter, space and consciousness to the surface of the globe. Within the very center of the sphere there is a brilliant mass of atomic particles known as the Central Sun, the "Atoma." Much smaller in dimension than our Solar Sun, it differs also in its atomic reaction. While the solar orb is without atmosphere, suspended in airless space, the Central Atoma is within a field of density at the very heart of a matter-sphere. This causes a compression within the chain reaction of colliding particles of the small sun. The whole process of hydrogen changing into helium occurring in the Solar Sun is followed at a much slower and less violent pace within the Atoma. The strong magnetic field of its placenta, the earthen ball surrounding it, makes a complete chain reaction within the Central Sun impossible. Therefore, it is a constant process of folding inward, much like the first stages of black hole formation. But the yin and yang balance of the earth's magnetic field does not allow for this process to complete itself, and so the Atoma enfolds itself to the point of the "inward falling," that stage in which the plunge in density seeks the center of itself continually, creating a black hole. As the magnetic flux of the Central Sun approaches the inward falling, the opposite current carries it back to its beginning cycle. The sun of the Central Earth is thus suspended between the two extremes of violent chain reaction and inward volution into the black hole vortex. The Atoma appears to be a dense brilliant cloud, the photo sphere (disc portion) being much smaller in comparison to its whole body than the proportion of the photo sphere of the Solar Sun to its whole body. The mass of the Atoma is less dense than the solar orb, but more stable because of the controlling earth gravities about it which the space sun lacks. the Atoma is surrounded by space, however. It is suspended in the central space of the planet, but this space is an atmosphere and not a vacuum. In many ways the Central Sun acts in reverse to its solar brother. The atmosphere becomes more dense as the Atoma is approached. Within a few miles of the corona the atmosphere is so heavy that a thick hydrogen vapor is present, which bursts into illumination. As the Earth rotates on its axis, variations occur in the density of this vapor or helia, causing different intensities of Light. These changes in the helia are most prominent at the apex of a ten hour cycle during our seasonal period of July through January and a twelve hour cycle from our February through June. While there is a gradual altering of the light produced from the Atoma during the day, or the ten to twelve hours, the twilight comes much faster than does ours and with greater kaleidoscopic splendor. It lasts for five hours after the ten hour cycle and three hours after the twelve hour cycle. After twilight, or "Muiria," comes the beginning of another day's cycle. No God of the Night places its dark cloak over the Subterreaneans World.

The atmosphere of the Central Earth is stable with little variation in climate. However, there are violent storm areas in which great magnetic storms fester above vortexes in the Earth. Near these vortexes, climatic extremes are often found, either intensely cold ice regions or arid deserts. The magnetic trauma of the area either blocks the warming rays of the atoma or intensifies them, depending upon the polarity and flux of current. Yet the inner lands and seas are in the majority , a paradise sought, temperatures fluctuating between 70 and 80 degrees (this includes many of the desert regions). Since the Atoma is stationary in its inner space, seasonal change is not present. As an example, the magnetic "cold sports" are always cold, the warmer regions always warm. There is some variation in temperature with a change in the elements..rainy, cloudy etc.

Beyond the central cavity, as we progress upward toward the surface domain, there are many caverns both natural and man-made, until we arrive at the Levan, the "Skull Plate." This is a solid rock layer separating the upper sphere and the lower sphere. As geologic "kingdoms" the upper sphere is "Attica" and the lower sphere is "Ison." Through the rock layer, or Levan, are natural fissures at certain junctions where the several parts of the giant plate meet. The inner region of Ison is much more honeycombed than Attica, these natural pockets and tunnels descending or ascending, depending upon the perspective, to the solid rock. In many instances there is a thin atmosphere within these pockets pressing against the "Skull.' On the other side of the rock plate, however, there are massive build-ups of hot gasses and liquid lava set between rock walls, these rock partitions being extensions of the Levan and the cataract walls or solid rock portions, up into the cooler honeycomb strata and openings upon the surface Earth. Because of the variant pressures of the inner atmosphere which, in some form, descends to the Skull Plate and the Earth pressures beyond the Plate, the two Earth spheres maintain their separate pressures despite these connecting tunnels. In fact, without these tunnels the variance in pressure would explode the planet as rotational and solar changes occur. Although the two different pressures are held, there is an exchange of energy current and subtle variations in pressures are found between the two realms which forms a major part of the breathing process of the planet. On both sides of the "great wall" of Levan, pockets can be found containing immense caverns of crystal created through the extreme pressures near the rock wall which is caused from the weight of both spheres as they press down in a worm-like undulation. upon the plate. The Skull Plate is actually several plates divided by the fissure lines, moving against each other. All of this tremendous action created fantastic micro-worlds of crystal in every conceivable color and shade, rich in minerals. Some form diamonds, emeralds, and many other precious crystals not known to surface human's greed. Other crystal composites are as soft as sugar candy, yet so rich in minerals that they are taken internally by the Subterreaneans People. On the Ison side of the wall are frozen channels of hydrogen which cause tremendously cold temperatures in relatively small areas. Because of the nature of these cold zones they are surrounded with high magnetic fields. The cold zones begin at frozen fissures and move upward on the Ison side to the Subterranean surface. Within a few yards of the magnetic barrier encompassing the cold zone, the temperatures can become sub-tropical. Beneath the surface of Ison, within these frozen areas, there are the rare ice caves with both white and colored ice and frost. The greatest of these is Zubora with approximately three square miles of underground interconnecting caverns.

While there are many small tunnels, naturally formed, that trace through the fissures of the Skull Plate between the lava and gases of the upper-sphere and open to the surface, the majority of these, unless artificially enhanced, are not practical entrances to Subterranea. The pressure changes are too extreme for the descending of the human body into its depths, and such tunnels are usually too small to enter. Most of them, while breaking to the surface, are located in deep caves for the openings are blocked by eons of erosion and rock slides. Most of these passages do not remain open continuously from one end to the other. As the Earth moves, they are blocked and re-opened again and again. Those which are artificially enhances by the Subterreaneans are also hidden and protected from intrusion. There are four massive natural openings into the Central Earth. These are known to the Sky-Earth Tribes as the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Doors. The Northern and Southern Doors are the natural openings at the poles of the planet. These opulent shaped space areas ARE the magnetic polar vortexes of Earth. Because of the type of magnetic pulse in these regions, it is difficult for a traveler to wander into these openings. Their magnetic field interacts within the individual's brain pulse, impressing an illusion upon the magnetic and physical systems that a straight course exists where actually there is a curve in space. For those who know the mechanics of spectral-polar magnetism, as do the inhabitants of the Interior World, traveling through the magnetic veils is a simple process. The Eastern and Western Doors are located in the Himalayas and beneath the Titicaca Plateau of the Andes in Brazil, respectively. While these were originally large, naturally hollowed passages, they have been maintained and enhanced through centuries. There is a fifth natural passage, known as the "Sacred Know" or "Navel," where the merging energies from the Four Doors passes through. The tunnel is located in the Four Corners region of the Southwestern United States. There are other natural, smaller, closed passages which are artificially maintained and large enough for human passage. Some of the more prominent of these are: Mount Shasta in Northern California, Mt. Teton in Wyoming, Mt. Hood in Washington State, Mt. Robson in British Colombia, Zion National Park, Utah and the still active volcano of Mauna Loa on the Island of Hawaii. Many of these natural tunnels, which are large and stable enough for human entrance, are the remains of volcanic shafts. Because of the change in pressure and the possibility of blocked passages at any time, only those passages which are enhances and maintained by the Central Earth races are safe for entrance, yet these secret roads to the interior of our world are well guarded and protected from foreign intrusion. (note from the 21 century: when "Christine" wrote this material she was unaware of the slight shift in dimension between the surface earth and the inner earth, which of course figures immensely into this dynamic.)

The People of the Ark have ascribed their lives to the flow of nature. Their birth, marriage and death cycles are harmonized to these natural pulses. There is no genetic manipulation among the Tribes. The advancement of genetic stability is achieved through spiritual understanding and the synchronizing of the human experience with the resonating Earth and its Nature Kingdom. While perfection does not reign anywhere on or in our planet, the Cultures of our ancestors who now abide beneath our land and seas have maintained the concordance of Spirit and Natural Order bestowed upon them by the Ancient Ones. We were also given this Heritage, but failed to keep the flame.

"Worlds within worlds within worlds...the mind reels but the heart beats in a sympathetic cadence, for infinity is the child of endless harmony."  From- "Exesusteas" - Subterranean Script