The RainbowBridge School
by Erika De Bly,  in Holland


Before I started the school images were given to me of a globe with 12 + 1 lights. That are the schools like ours to come all over the world. They are like laboratories and will work with all the other schools in that particular country together or most of them. Children from the 13 schools will interact and work at different places. Right now people from Germany, England Scotland and Belgian have been in contact with me about the school. We are also in contact with Jose Arguilles from the Mayan Factor. Two Mayan wizards (boys) who are involved in everything about and around the Mayan calendar work with our children. They showed the children their solar seal (like archeological sign) and two of them really opened up and felt safe enough to show some of their potentials.

The children visiting the school do not fit in the old educational system anymore. Most of them were very unhappy and diagnosed with ADHD, autism, dyslexic, mentally disabled etc.

The vision of the school is to become a place where children of different ages can follow education in their own way and with their own interests.

We do not work with one technique or from one philosophy.

Education must be holistic, lifelong, cross-cultural, experiential, empowering, dynamic and nurturing of creative self-expression.

The educational system in the Netherlands is very old fashioned. There are all kind of rules and regulations. Our school is a private school and doesnít have the proper consent of the Inspection of Education yet.

Right now we are in the middle of an Ďeducational warí. Lots of children are unhappy with the school system. The Indigoís drive the teachers mad. Many children are at home. There is a shortage of teachers. A lot of them are with sick leave. There are schools who, because of a shortage of teachers, have a 3 to 4 day school week.

At the end of last month the Ministry of Education announced a competition. Write a plan about education in the 21st Century.

When you are a teacher, or really a facilitator, at our school itís important to let go of the old patterns of life. If not you get stuck. The children show you the way!!!

One of our facilitators is at home right now. Her own inner self gave her messages to be playful, to let go, but she cannot do it. Some children were very unhappy at the time she was at school. They felt her pain, sorrow. We talked to her. She has got the choice now to change her life. Everybody who is working with these kids are shown the way. You can take it or leave it.

It also happens to the parents. Some parents are afraid to look deeply into themselves. I know that it is not easy and can be painful. But thatís why you have these kids. They show you and if you still do not understand they keep on going. I communicate a lot with the parents about this subject. We also work with therapists to support the children, but especially the parents.

We invite people to talk about e.g. the Flower of Life and the Children, the Mayan Calendar and the changes which occur on this planet.

I took the initiative to start this school and together with some parents and facilitators we founded the school. Because we have a shortage of facilitators I work with the children myself now. I had never dreamt of this. It is quite an experience and I love it. Although I know it will be for a short period. To see with your own eyes and experience what is happening is very important for your vision, curriculum etc. It is a healing and blessing at the same time.

We have a group of 7 children right now of different ages. Their parents are wonderful. They understand more and more what it is all about. There is a possibility that I am going to work together with two parents. One of them already has a Kindergarten in Amsterdam and would love to start a Kindergarten with the school. The other parent has a Public Relation firm and wants to start a new organization which connects Nature and Education in different ways. Part of the income will flow to the school.

The children are happy. They really changed into playful children who dare to be most of the time who they are. It is a process and some of them need more time to ground. We help them in this process.


An important instrument at school is the Davis Orientation Counseling. All children at our schools and more and more children being born are picture thinkers (right brain). They failed at school when they started reading and writing. This technique was developed by Ronald Davis who wrote the book: The Gift of Dyslexia.

There are already several institutes in the world.

Why is dyslexia a gift?

Dyslexic people are visual, multi-dimensional thinkers. They are intuitive, highly creative and excellent at hands-on learning. It is hard for them to understand letters, numbers and written words.

The Davis Orientation Counseling provides the tools to overcome problems with reading, writing, math and attention focus. These methods enable children/adults to recognize and control the mental process that causes distorted perception of letters and words. It resolves the root causes of problems experienced by individuals with language based learning difficulties.

We work with this tool and see the differences already. I am doing the training myself. When I was still studying dyslexia was my main subject. During my training period at an institute of the university we followed children in a special school. They were tested several times a year. I worked with two children. One showed hyperactive behavior and the other boy failed to read and write and math. The team stopped working with them. I followed my intuition and the latter boy could read words at the end. Their parents were astonished. I just did what felt good.

The WESAK Festival and the school are brother and sister to me. The festival is a fun place to be and where lots of children of all ages can meet and exchange experiences. Thatís important to feel the LOVE which you carry inside with so many more. Most of us have been so lonely at times or always.

This year (2001) we call the festival: the WESAK Rainbow Festival. The theme is All in One; One in All.  

The festival will be on May 4, 5 and 6 May. I intent to organize a World Peace Meditation with children and James Twyman. I also have the intention to invite Lee Carrol who is in contact with the Kryon energy. He was one of the first people talking about Indigo Children in his book The Indigo Children.

I have the feeling that this Wesak festival will be One to REMEMBER.


The New Way

My life has changed into a direction of which I can feel that Spirit is unfolding my mission to me step by step. I am learning every day and feel happy. I feel myself surrounded by the Goddess energy. She teaches me the new Way to love myself and interact with people around me. She shows me the Way. I feel more and more one with her and start remembering who she really is.

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