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2001 Model

It was not so surprising that I had the same dream three (3) nights in a row, for I often dream. The content was unusual for me, in that I found myself standing on a terrace over looking a valley, surrounded by children. In the distance were mountains with snowcapped peaks beyond. Now generally, I have always worked with adults and gave up on “mountains” after one Colorado winter as a younger man. Thus began a decision from within…a prompting to move to the “far-east”, without a clear place to go formed. For along time, I have chosen to place 100% trust in this prompting even when no one understood. To me, one must follow his or her own heart to know the deeper prompting of the Universe on a personal basis. This same “something” is perhaps calling you as well.

I called my friends, family, and daughter over for dinner and gave away to each every possession of a lifetime. This is truly liberating. I assured each that I was not terminal and in fact felt better than ever… inside and out. I booked passage to the Fareast (India) without a place to stay or a safety net. That is right… no net, no set plan, just complete faith in my inner voice.

I boarded a plane and flew with all my possession (a suitcase), 8000 miles to the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, based on following my “dream”. I had no idea where I would live until about 10 days before departure, when I received an Email from some people, who had just relocated from India to Nepal (30 miles from Mt Everest). I asked, “what will you be doing in Nepal” and they explained it was their intention to eventually work with children from the streets who were abandoned. One of the two worked with Mother Teresa for sometime and the other in various projects around the globe over a period of years. I requested they “ tell me more”. “We have a room set aside for you, it has a terrace over looking a valley and in the distance are mountains with snowcaps just beyond”. My reply was, “I will see you in a week!” and thus I moved to the “Far east.”

After two weeks overseas, I was standing in a small music shop when a short bright-eyed Nepalese woman kept curiously studying me. She asked, “Where are you from?” “The USA”, I replied. She said, “I would like to tell you about some children, do you think that is strange?” “Something tells me, to tell you about this and that you can help me.” “OK, I said…that is why I am here.” She invited me to go to an uncommonly poor section of Kathmandu right then and I accepted.

We went to a so called home where 21 children were being housed like cattle. The “Director” was drunk, smoking, and the children had seemed not  to have eaten in several days. They all had open sores, lice, and worms and looked much like war victims or people I had seen in Louisiana after tornadoes (blank stares-lifeless). This so called home had a long fancy name on a sign out front. The people in charge had the kids begging the neighborhood and keeping the food for themselves. I found one young lady who was staying in spite of no pay, who had the goal to find help and provide a life of safety and hope for the children. She is now their independent housemother. Three of the kids have polio and two are autistic. The majorities were sitting in rubbish. The following day I returned with people from the press and negotiated to have the children released from their care immediately. Subsequent investigation revealed the children were regularly sexually abused and that several had body parts removed and sold (kidneys) for money. After visits to the Minister of Social Welfare and the senior editors of the two major newspapers, the responsible parties for the abuse were arrested and jailed. In addition new laws are now in effect to monitor and prevent reoccurrence from locals or foreign nationals.

The children are now in an independent home, I have in a small way helped to initially facilitate. They have wheelchairs, food, schooling, books and regular visits from medical professionals. The small volunteer staff receives training in physical therapy for the children and in other related areas. The hero’s of this unfolding are the people who care, day in and day out for these children. The children are smiling now and the blank stares sparkle with light. The autistic children seem to have some “soul awareness” that reaches beyond the obvious, which I cannot easily place in words. When I go there for visits they gravitate to me and communicate through their eyes great love. They have no rational way of “knowing” how I arrived 8000 miles away to be a small part of the fabric of their lives. Still, they clearly are aware in a profound way. Those of you who have experienced this will quickly understand and eventually we all will…that is our Father’s plan.

What might “love Itself” be asking of you, slow down, speed up, give more or less? Might Love be asking less judgment?

Is it perhaps our foolish ego and insecurity that is creating the problems, we seem to be facing? Could you love again or remember how to…deep within? Is it possible you are deeply loved by Creation herself…trying to reach out to you through a means you can accept? Is it so far fetched that now could be the time, for you to become a “cosmic worker” expanding your “role” on our earth? What if you are really needed to complete the Intended Tapestry? What if your help might accelerate the unfolding of the entire planet for the future? Dare you consider such a thing? Here I am a man previously with a less than open attitude towards children, distaste for cold places, yet look what God has done for me. I sit here and wish I were more eloquent, I wish you could be inside of me and feel exactly what I have been given. God amazes me.

What could you do with the rest of “This life,” if you allowed “Your soul source” to guide every yes and no? Do you not feel a compassion and gentleness flowing in you lately? Is it possible you are being given help from both sides, the “seen” and “unseen”? These are all important questions and you know the answer within… that is why, you are being asked. Be certain I am just a humble messenger. I have no personal wisdom and anything that I may have belongs to “Love”. Do you know who love is? Love is that which moves you so when you are still and is always calling softly “come home now”. There is a great healing taking place within you, that has already happened…be glad that it is so. You may not be called to do as I, but we are connected in ways you must discover and engage.

Recently a four-month-old child was brought to friends from a bus station where she was abandoned with no clothing and a thin cloth in freezing conditions. Her mother abandoned her. She is recovered now and she responds to every nuance and smile upon your face. Her eyes say “I do love you with such joy”. “I need you, dear one to continue to participate in this joy” To me, she is very much like God, even her message. She was abandoned for a while but she found her way to Love in a meaningful way. Will what we do change the world? This I dare not say. Will it change me; will it change this one soul? Will it change my soul and further the purpose of the Universal soul? I believe …yes. I sense we will all be a little closer to returning home to “our Source”, and this is why we must do what we are guided to do. I have been guided to you.

It is my intention to help provide a home and safe place for those I am guided to in this place. You may ask why” this place”? This is a fair question and my answer is because “Love” is where “I am”. This is where my dream led me. We must dissolve the idea we are separate in any way. You are connected to these kids and all others in a profound way as your very own.

I will be traveling in the USA 2001 to share a little more of this story as guided. Specifically, to raise awareness to support this work, provide a home and care, for this and other worthwhile projects as revealed. This will be accomplished with the help of many hands. You can be a part of something consciously, through a decision of the heart and mind.

So, I hope you found something that stirs the “Real You” in my first attempt of reaching out. Will you choose to be a “conscious” part of the whole, unfolding gently? Often it appears to take, what seems to be a long “time”, to be beautiful from the soul. This is all necessary to pave the way for what you shall do today, to pave the way for using the light and talents you have to further serve Creations goal. This is a grass roots project that I am supporting completely from love offerings of the people who receive this message. We have no “Organization” behind us, only YOU and ME and people that are suppose to receive this message. I have always made it a point for a great many years to personally support those things Spirit placed on my path…that my heart said “Yes…this is right for me”. If you wish to receive updates, photos, please feel free to contact me by Email and I will happily respond.






Someone walks with you.   

May the blessings of God fall upon you

May his peace abide in you

Now and forever more.


Matri-Ghia Children’s Home (Nepal)

Guided trips to Temples, Himalayas, Nepal, in Nov 2001

To help the children of Nepal or for more information on guided trips to the Temples, Himalayas, Nepal: Email Sri Joseph

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